Review: Jaye & Foe – Bad Reaction

Jaye & Foe – Bad Reaction is one of the lesser known swing albums from the award-winning brassy jazzy folk multi-instrumentalists Jaye & Foe. You will enjoy the brassy jazzy-tinged folk music with elements of swing jazz and gypsy jazz. The album uses such lively horn sections that are very jazzy and sophisticated.

Cloud Judgement is about a man who attempts to persuade a woman living on Regent’s Street on the West End of London, United Kingdom with his suaveness and slickness. All because his judgement is clouded and quite skewed. Only to find out to late that she had completely bowled over him and was way above his league.

Cloud Judgement deals with people who have bad judgement and skewed judgement with skewed view and contrite points. Some people have clouded judgement. Some people’s judgement is cloudy because they are not up to date with reality.

If you go past Shakespeare’s Circus and right at Regent’s Street, you’ll find a woman living with the world tucked at her feet. Her beauty knows no trying. Her gaze will hold you still.

This man who attempted to persuade the woman living on Regent’s Street on the West End of London, United Kingdom thought he could persuade her with his suaveness and slickness. However the man is overwhelmed and unprepared for the foot of this great bill because his judgement is clouded and quite skewed frankly. He was all undone and caught in a state of slight distress. He thought he was the strong one. He thought he could impress her with his suaveness and slickness. Not to mention swiftness. But she’s completely bowled him over. She’s overflowed his cup. She left him proud in awe and open-mouthed. Lying down but looking up at Cloud Judgement.

Bad Reaction told the story of a bad reaction Faye had when a doctor gave her a shot because she had a bad reaction to that creature in the sea that attacked her.

It was a day in late August. Faye was bathing in the sea. The air was hot and heavy like a lover’s breath on her. She felt a sharp and sudden pain that took her by surprise. She saw these tentacles arising and wrapped around her thigh. Faye said, “Not this time. Not this way. You’re not having me.”

Her ego’s black and blue. She is a physical disaster that she has grown accustomed to. Later Faye admits herself to the Emergency Room. And through the needles and the pain relief, the doctor says to her, “My dear, you’ve had a bad reaction. That’s how it seems to me. My dear, your bad reaction just shows your sensitivity.”

As the doctor administered the medicine, he said “You might hallucinate and realise the world around you just reflects your current state. I’ve seen your punch-bag heart stop beating during cardiac arrest. That’s 32 years of inhaling without exhaling the excess. You’re full of bad reactions to those creatures in the sea. Don’t push your bad reactions back on me.”

The song Brave told the story about a man who is trying to impress Faye for his own gain and personal satisfaction as he said the world was for his taking.

Faye met a man who said the world was for his taking. He used his kit and his charming wit in an attempt to impress her. His spirit was not one for breaking. She watched him punch the air and then the door. She was unimpressed. He’s used to getting what he wants. And bizarrely we all want more of him.

Outrageous statements turn the air blue sending shocks and shivers. Tingles of excitement through the ones who know that he’ll deliver. But then he comes a’ cropper as he battles with his beloved lover. Faye understand how this stuff happens. She watched him so bemused skipping past her on the floor.

He can attack, fight, bite, and drink through the night. Shout, swear, and drive fast to show his might. He spends half his lifetime on the phone trying to sort stuff out with his other half. Still he finds the time to make us laugh at his intoxicated history and its wavering integrity. Faye dislikes it but it still happens.

So that’s the man who said the world was for his taking. His spirit was not made for breaking. He laughs at himself in both wonder and depreciation. His quest for love and thrill seek dedication. This man is desperate for thrill seeking attention. He knows not how to separate. Faye wishes him all the best because he’s captivating company for her.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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