Review: Combustible Edison – The Impossible World

Combustible Edison – The Impossible World is one of the lesser known neo-lounge albums from the 1990s that hardly ever gets any recognition or any mention. The album incorporated lounge music and lounge jazz into future jazz in a swift manner. A bit avant garde too. Now the group had incorporated more modern electronic elements in this album than they did on their other albums. This would be the last album and recording from this mostly forgotten 90’s exotica band.

Laura’s Aura is about a woman named Laura who was born to wander until she dies. Life for her is just a misty blur.

Twilight turns to evening. Evening turns to morning. Laura doesn’t heed them doesn’t hear their warning. Laura never will marry because she was born to wander till she dies. Life for her is just a misty blur. She needs no home as her shelter is the sky.

Echoes come from her bedroom. Is she laughing or is she crying? No one will know the answer. The tears on her cheeks are drying. Laura, she’s a thing of beauty. Beauty loves her most of all. Some fine day when she is old and gray, she’ll rest in peace behind her garden walls. Some day when she is old and gray, she’ll rest in peace. That is where she will find peace.

These are the most poetic lyrics to the song which make this song seem like an excerpt of poetry. “Echoes from her bedroom/Is she laughing, is she crying/None will know the answer/On her cheeks the tears are drying”

Pink Victim is a song which tells everyone to let their sadness got. The song explains how a sad serenade never ends. The song also teaches us that happiness can be ours if we let that happen.

Each day you say that you can’t forget it. Happiness is in your own backyard. It could be yours, but you’ll never let it. I know you try, but you try too hard.

It’s your sad serenade again. It starts and it never ends. The weight of the world isn’t meant for a song. But you know you’re right and you’re never better. You say you know you’re right. But you’re never any better. I know you wait, but you wait too long. Tell your sad serenade goodbye because by now it’s close to a lie. Those long days into nights will know. That serenade won’t let you go.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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