Review: Lil Roc – Lil Roc

The Lil Roc – Lil Roc single is one of the most forgotten reggae singles of 2003. Think reggae with a huge blend and incorporation of soul. So you know her album has that soul touch. The way she talks and sings at the same time is soulful and melodic. Lil Roc believes you will enjoy the music and get into her vintage passion. Her passion for music has turned to be a life long dream come true. The talents of Lil Roc include all vocals, musical arrangements, and songwriting. I’m On My Way to Montego Bay and U Jus Mad are some of the highlights on the album. Lil Roc is none other than Jocelyn Rochelle Harris. The biggest big mamma from the “Big D” aka Detroit, Michigan.

I’m On My Way to Montego Bay told the story of Lil Roc’s vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The song uses a soulful flavor of dub reggae and soul music. The bass is simply bangin’ and the piano is bouncy and soulful being full of that reggae punch flavor.

Lil Roc is on her way to Montego Bay, Jamaica. She got tired of the urban life in the city of Detroit, Michigan. So she relocated to Hollywood (Los Angeles, California) and recorded her debut single somewhere on Santa Monica Boulevard. Then she felt the need to get away from all the stars. So she packed her Louis Vuitton suitcase and got her Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

The plane she boarded was headed for Miami, Florida. Then she boarded on another plane that flew over the ocean to Montego Bay, Jamaica. She got pumped on the chronic (marijuana) while vacationing there. She went to the Yellow Bird. She had a good time dancing on the floor. One thing is clear is that she is here to party. Lil Roc would hate to leave Jamaica. But she must go back to the United States.

U Jus Mad is a fly upbeat reggae dance song with urban elements and soulful elements. U Jus Mad was a song aimed at the haters who are/were mad for whatever the reason(s) may be.

Not everyone can ride, rock, or roll like Lil Roc. You just mad because you can’t do it like her. Lil Roc is buck wild. That’s why you don’t like her style. There’s another party just up the way on 106 & Park where we can party until the break of dawn and all day. For shizzle. So smoke out and love in. Lil Roc is the biggest big mamma from the “Big D”.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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