Review: Jeru The Damaja – Wrath of The Math

Jeru The Damaja – Wrath of The Math has to be the most underrated album in Hip Hop/Rap history! In fact, Wrath of The Math was more overlooked than Jeru’s debut album from 1995. DJ Premiere’s dope production skills are all over this album from start to finish as he was on Jeru’s debut album. DJ Premiere was at a high point in the 90s and early 00s. It has that dope 90s sound to it because nearly all the tracks are sample crazy as a lot Hip Hop/Rap albums were in the 80s and 90s. Unsurprisingly the album is sample crazy as lot were during that era. Wrath of The Math picks up where Jeru left off on his first album. This album was blazing hot as the last one was as there are no filler tracks and no filler material. You don’t get albums like this anymore!

The title track discusses the power and influence the mind has on you or the power and influence you have over it. Let us now discuss the mental attitude. The mental state must always stay calm. You must let nothing move you be it good or bad. You have the power to form and shape. So now witness the wrath of the math.

In the song Scientifical Madness, Jeru uses scientific comparisons and metaphors to twist the meaning of this line into a double entendre talking both about songwriting ability and literal science. Jeru’s lyrical ability is so intellectual to the point of being considered scientific. The song can be described as being self-scientific.

Jeru explains how he is not your average nigga on Average Nigga. He is not your average nigga when it comes to dealing with these chicks. He explained his experiences in dealing with different women and his experiences of being in different types of relationships. Yo these honeys be on some shit for real.

Jeru met this honey named Yolanda. You would not believe the things that he told her. She had potential. People would usually see Jeru and Yolanda around town. She had this way that was so sexy. Her rear end was just so nice and juicy. Every time he think about it makes him woozy. Plus a mind that you would not believe.

Jeru and Yolanda dragged their feet on the concept of them both dating together and being on a date together. They waited and waited. Jeru started to wonder if he would ever get in with the invitation. Finally the invitation was extended. With that, he said “Mi casa es su casa” and “Meet me at my pad tomorrow about six o’clock”. There was no question by the next day they were kissing and caressing each other.

Before long, they start to undress. With that he pulls out a pack of condoms. She looks him dead in the eye and says “What’s that?” Jeru said, “Don’t tell me you don’t know what condoms is for.” She says, “Yeah, but the average nigga’ll love to hit it raw.” Jeru tells Yolanda, “I’m not your average nigga.”

Jeru met this honey named Tamika at The Tunnel in New York City, New York. He got her name and number. His intentions were more than just to fuck her. He said, “Girlfriend, I just wonder. Could you come home with me?” She responded with the quickness by saying yes and complying with his demand. He said, “Girlfriend, I just wonder. Could you come home with me?” She responded with the quickness by saying yes and complying with his demand.

They discussed the place of their meeting when they planned to hook up the following weekend. Tamika said, “Come to my projects. Sometimes niggas be buggin. But I got mad respect.” So like a dummy, he went to scoop up this young honey. Gassed up by the fat ass and flat tummy.

But when he rolled up, it started to look just like a set-up. Now he is mad hot. But he played it cool this time. He recognized one nigga he used to run with in high school. Jeru asked he knew the whereabouts of Tamika. He said, “Yeah I know the whore.” Jeru got on the elevator with him and he led Jeru to her door. When he rung the bell, she was mad surprised. She flung the door wide open with a wild look in her eyes. Then Jeru told Tamika, “Girlfriend, I’m not your average nigga.”

Jeru met this honey named Sabrina. He thought that this time this one would be the Queen of his dreams. But you know how that goes.

One day he was outside her door and they were talking about how her ex-boyfriend was stalking her. She said she thought she saw him when they were walking. Jeru told her, “Don’t worry about it. Put that shit on the side and slide up in the crib. Don’t sweat it, he’s probably just rappin’.” She’s still shook up about what happened. She said, “Little do you know. Last week he threw a brick threw my bedroom window.” Jeru downplays the situation and doubts her by telling her, “Whatever, I don’t think he’s that crazy.” She said, “You never, know where he may be.”

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, the crazy motherfucker jumped out on Jeru. Jeru made him melt with a blow to the head. Before he bounced, this is what he said, “Yo, I’m not your average nigga.”

I rate this album 4/5****!

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