Review: Club Des Belugas – Zoo Zizaro

Club Des Belugas – Zoo Zizaro is a Latin music influenced electro swing album where jazz meets electronic music. A old fashioned pinch of ragtime can be heard on songs such as Passing on the screen and My Hunger Hurts.

Passing on the screen is a smooth laid back electro swing song with a modern jazz vibe to go along with the sound. The song is about resting after working hard. The song also encourages people to escape from the city so they can relax.

Close your eyes and I close mine. Let’s lay down but not to sleep. But to rest for a while. The lights hurt my tired eyes. I’ve used all my energy working hard. I wanna slow down my heartbeat. Light is passing on the screen. Old cars and cool drinks by the sea. Light is passing on the screen. Warm ground under naked feet. The sound of travel lays in the air. Not heavy more like a light swinging tune. A light swinging tune so soft that you hardly recognize. But still it cools your heavy head and lingers for a while.

I’m so dizzy from our metropolitan lives. The city lights that lay out in front of us can’t satisfy our need for respite and relaxation. The colors are much brighter when they’re lightened by the sun. So let’s leave to a far distant land.

Clyde Beluga is an ode to the alcoholic beverage known as Clyde Beluga which is actually fortified wine known as Vermouth. Several references to high class expensive wines are made throughout the song such as Cointreau, Amaretto, and Crème de cassis.

Club Des Belugas takes a half a shot of sweet Vermouth from Frank It’s his favorite. To that a half a shot for Peter. And you know it’s a Cointreau for Peter. We add another half of shot for Dean. He likes Amaretto. They gently pour the vodka in. It’s one and a half shots. A small dash of Crème de cassis for Sammy. Two dashes of Bitters for Joe. A Clyde Beluga in your hand.

I’m gonna let you people know why to not use the other half of the Boston Shaker. Don’t use the other half of the Boston Shaker. It ruins the flavor of wine. But do fill it up with plenty of ice and stir to make it taste nice. Don’t hurry the stirring through anticipation. It must be stirred slowly over good conversation. You really can’t afford to get it wrong.You can drink it in a short glass or even take it long.

When you drink a Clyde Beluga please raise a glass for Frank and always have another Clyde when the first one has been drank.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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