September 24, 2023

Club Des Belugas – Forward is a beautiful modern electro swing album where jazz meets electronic music. A old fashioned pinch of swing jazz can be heard on songs such as Desperately Trying – Swing Mix and Glorious Beach Livin’. You also have jazzy romantic love songs such as Sweet Lovin’.

Glorious Beach Livin’ is about wanting a glorious beach living which is a relaxing life on the beach while living in paradise. Glorious Beach Livin’ is an upbeat swing jazz song which follows an uptempo pace.

Hand in hand, we walk along our sandy path to the glorious beach while humming a song in tune and harmony. Hearing the waves crash against the shore. Yes, we have come home for a glorious beach living. A glorious beach living is something that would be marvelous. That is what I’ve been waiting for.

I have no words to explain how much I hate that bloody rain and the nasty wind that creeps under my skin I want to live right by the sea with our children playing under old pine trees on the beach. So that is where we would be staying.

It’s the same each year and the years to come despite global warming and climate change. When the sun burns the leaves, it’s time to go home.The autumn is such a ruthless thief. Let’s save the tears and keep the bliss. This could be home.

Sweet Lovin’ is an upbeat swing jazz song which is obviously a love song about divine love. The song tells us there are so many different ways to love.

There are so many different ways to love. As many as the stars above but you love me just the right way. I feel it in every word that you say. Baby, we’ve got somethin’ fine. I can’t believe I’ve found such a divine love.

Now I know you feel the same way too because no one’s loving is as sweet as is loving you. Sweet love is sweet loving. There are so many different ways to love. I just need you here right by my side. Waiting with my arms open wide.

Each day is a gift. Our love so true. I’m just ashamed of my self without you. Sometimes it’s hard to love some. But there are so many different ways to show love. I already found my other half and I’ll never give it back. After every dark night there will be a dawn. And we’ll find that we have grown in the morning light.

There are so many different ways to leave. There are so many ways to grieve Oh babe, I couldn’t live without you. So let nothing come between us two.

Desperately Trying – Swing Mix is about a couple trying to move on and doing what’s best for them in their relationship.

It never feels at home when he’s with her. That is what he told her when he left her. Leaving her desperately trying to understand what went wrong.

She is desperately trying to find a home for him to move to. They are desperately trying to find a place for them to stay. He said he never really got through to her and that she never opened up emotionally. This is the truth.

She lost her trust on the way. Since he’s gone, she is sinking deeper into who she really is. Now she is brave enough to show what’s inside but it’s too late. He said he never loved her. That he always stopped for his feelings to grow. She went on hoping for things to change.

Since he is gone, she keeps on finding out all these little things about him. Realizing that he was always there with us. Looking back she has to admit that things went wrong long ago. She is desperately trying to cleanse myself of all these lies. However she is scared that she is going to love him until the day she dies.

I shouldn’t I wouldn’t (Club Des Belugas Remix) is about wanting material things you really want but don’t really need. Material things such as clothing and food.

This lady is walking down the street. She sees a great dress in the shop window. She goes into the clothing store to try on the great dress that is displayed in the shop window. The great dress that is displayed in the shop window fits like a glove. An entertaining jacket is on a hanger too.

She spots ice cream shoppe with the best source of ice. One more shouldn’t matter. But which one shall she take? Strawberry colour black and just a lil bit of cream? She shouldn’t. Now this lady wants 3 glasses of wine. The 4th glass of wine smiles at her. Jeff’s car lies on the street. She sees his brand new car which brightly sparkles and gleams without any scratch.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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