Review: Ellen Pels – From A To B

Ellen Pels – From A To B is a heartfelt profound vocal jazz album with smooth jazz melodies and unusual harmonies which she calls Spiri-Jazz. Her album has a significant touch of spiritual jazz with a rich spirit. Blend in the musical styles of spiritual jazz, acid jazz, smooth jazz, big band, pop, and piano jazz, and you have this great album. This collection of vocal jazz includes every dimension of her voice. There are also live recordings sprinkled here and there.

Lullaby is a slow tempo soothing spiritual jazz song with smooth jazz melodies provided by a violin. This song is intended to ease the spirit and soul. Future generations will come to appreciate this song. Her soothing vocals slowly sedate you into a state of sleep. Her song Lullaby was recorded live at Odeon Theatre with the Red Limo String Quartet.

Ellen sings this lullaby for you to ease you into sleep. To pave the way for happy dreams instead of counting sheep. Beneath these quilts in this bed you rest instead of staring at the wall with copper posts and all. Her soothing hand slowly sedates and quietens your mind. Just leave all those burdens and those weights behind. Trust that you are cared for. Know you are secure in your sleepy hollow. Relax your body and your soul. Let go of all your hurt. Let grace replenish your soul and heart.

Notre Dame (Live at Wedgeview Studios) is a song about the tragic event which a fire that occurred during the restoration of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral in Paris, France on the date of April 15, 2019.

The Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral collapsed in ruins after she went down in flames. People held their breath she went down in flames. The treasures were burnt and the relics were destroyed. The museum rang to ask for some help. So money was generously donated by generous and caring people. This was the right thing to be doing. And receive well-deserved reverence.

A Hundred Thousand Questions is one of the more environmentally conscious songs on the album where Ellen question what we will do to tackle issues such as air pollution for instance.

Overwrought and overwhelmed, Ellen often lays awake at night. She has a hundred thousand questions for the world about industrial revolution and air pollution.

If we don’t take action now, mass extinction will be our plight. Overheating will be the trend. That is what will happen if we continue this befouling. Tomorrow brings another day and she will struggle through. She’ll persist in finding promise. A guiding light to hold on to. She has a hundred thousand questions for the world about how we can make changes for this Earth that you love too. The changes and renewal. Trust the force within you. Nothing is too strange. Believe that it can happen. Know that things can change.

Leader of My Band is about Ellen taking control of her life and knowing every step is new, unknown, and scary. The song combats dealing with the unknown. Dealing with the unknown is the theme of the song Leader of My Band. Beautiful melodies fill the air with delight. The saxophone makes the song very jazzy.

Ellen is wondering about her life and how things go. She finds a few facts and surprises along the way. She casually learning how to go with the flow and stand in awe of she is today. Ellen may not be a success overnight, but every step feels like her playground. Ellen is the leader of the band. Child of the king. Every moment of this adventure is wild. Every step is new, unknown, and scary.

When Ellen looks back, she is proud of what she has achieved with her accomplishments. She would never have believed that she could ever have summoned a crowd. She feels pleased because of this.

Walking is a typical slice of life song about daily life that was written by Ellen herself. This is quite a refreshing smooth jazz song. The song use a soothing flute solo at the beginning that is so soothing.

Walking along this quiet path, Ellen looks around and sees the trees, bees, and lovely flowers. In the distance very far away, there’s a summit for her to visit. Walking along this busy road, there’s so much going on. The people, the buildings, and the many cars. That summit seems out of sight. She nearly loses her way. Thankfully help comes from the stars. It sure has been an adventure walking along this rocky path. Honestly it was quite a pleasure.

Ellen shows us how she stands her ground and is fearless on her live recording of Eye of the Storm which was recorded live at Wisseloord Studios with the Stageband Jazz Orchestra. She fights her fate during the song. The song is a self-fulfilling prophecy created by her mind.

Ellen is standing in the eye of the storm while the world around her rages violently as she have done for many ages. Her feet rooted in the ground and her head is held high. Feeling the love that surrounds her while she watches the rubble fly. As she watches the anger feel the loathing and hate. Ellen can see the colours fading as she fights her fate. The self-fulfilling prophecy created by her mind seems to be reflected in the future of mankind.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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