Review: The Green Eyes – War in Heaven

For those who don’t know, KING DAV$D was once known as The Green Eyes. The same The Green Eyes who dropped Planet of The Southeast and Something To Bop To in the 1980s and 1990s. The Green Eyes is a well reputed and respected OG from Southeast San Diego, California. KING DAV$D has witnessed first hand the horrors of the gang lifestyle from being shot to serving a stint in prison. He has witnessed driveby’s, genocide, homicide, and drugs. The former Lincoln Park Blood gang member is now on a mission to bring peace to the inner cities of United States of America.

After serving a stint in prison for living that life, he found Jesus Christ. The Green Eyes (KING DAV$D) has been working with Rebel Genius in a leadership position as he has been holding weekly bible studies for the Rebel Genius team. He is now signed to Rebel Genius Records. The Green Eyes has returned as KING DAV$D!

The Green Eyes (KING DAV$D) is known for his uncut authenticity and his passion for people. War in Heaven is a breath of fresh air to the Christian Rap community for 2016. This album is from a renewed perspective of KING DAV$D as he has found his calling. War In Heaven is an album designed to uplift, challenge, inspire, praise, and encourage the listener.

KING DAV$D touches perspective on spiritual warfare with his first single “War & Heaven”. Spiritual warfare is a real topic that is rarely talked about. That’s why KING DAV$D calls to attention the listeners. War & Heaven brings discernment to the reality concerning the biblical spiritual civil war fought between angels and demons and his majestic majesty King Jesus Christ Vs. Satan. This war spills into this world. Where the prize on both sides is the human soul.

Youth Soldier is about lifestyles that are prevalent in gangs. This is where pastors get it wrong when they say gangs don’t love you … there is a love in Satan’s kingdom. There’s even an order. This militant order is what attracted him to become a first generation Lincoln Park Blood member.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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