Review: Beryl Moreland & Darryl Kennedy – Last Call

Beryl Moreland & Darryl Kennedy – Last Call is a smooth subtle jazz hop album where the sounds of hip hop and jazz both each other in a blended nature. The sounds of jazz hop are always perfect for a lone cold night. Who knew that such a wonderful smooth jazz album would from Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

The upright bass on On The Edge gives the song an upbeat swing jazz vibe. Layered on top are multiple layers of instruments such as a saxophone ensemble, small bongo selection, a quadruple-layered horn selection, and some acoustics. An electric guitar is used in various places.

Black Ice driven by a heavy kick drum and relaxing melodic chimes over a G-Funk sound. Jazz and hip hop meet the sound of G-Funk on Black Ice. A powerful horn selection is used in the song.

Reggae meets the sounds of hip hop and jazz on the song Reggae Machine. The choice using an element of reggae was truly different and unique on a jazz hop album. It’s not too often you get to hear a reggae song on a jazz hop album. Reggae Machine uses a mean saxophone selection over melodic grooves. The melodic grooves are what stand out.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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