Review: Swingrowers – Outsidein

Swingrowers – Outsidein is an Italian electro swing album which is one of those lesser known electro swing albums. Who knew Italian electro swing could be so appealing?

Selfie Face is about couple wanting to converse with each other online night and day. The gentleman is hooked on internet beauties instead of paying attention to his lady. Selfie Face is a song relevant to todays’s audiences.

If they could just talk about each night and day online. He is gone as always. What should she do to connect with him? This lady wonders and contemplates on what she should do to get her gentleman’s attention towards her.

He disappears into wires.She wishes he could read between the lines because the more he posts for it, she thinks he’ll lose. Tweet it, like it, link it, and tag it. All sent. She tells him to take off his self face by saying, “Take your selfie face off. How dull is your party? That’s a wrap on me and you. Take your party face off. Why don’t you like me?”

The lady wonders why her gentleman doesn’t like her. He’s blue as always. What should she do to make love with him? They need a miracle tonight. He hooked on internet beauties. Lost in his typing. It’s time for her to unfollow him. Does he still like it?

Here to Stay explains how electro swing music is here to stay for eternity.

Hear that sound from the ground? It just makes you feel better. Who downtown is still around? You will find out tonight that your heartbeat is on repeat. It’s time to lose your mind.

Just listen to this music spell. Just get on shaking. Don’t be shy. You know you’re ready. Whatever you say. The music takes over your cells. Just keep on making. Don’t be shy. We’re here to stay. Here the sound is too loud. But we don’t let it matter.

Who is out in the crowd? Are you there to be found? Tap your feet to the beat. Every time it gets better.
To leave our seat is what we need. So come and feel the vibes. Just listen to this music spell. The music takes over your cells. All over your body.

Healing Dance is the rhythm of change. The song follows an uptempo electro swing tempo electro swing music is internationally known for.

We are sedated by leaders and guests of zotes. No more believers are barring on cats weaker. Can’t stop a river to make it swing to the sea. There are naked hatreds all over this land.

Take a close look to the picture. They keep stealing color from it so they can get richer. You can hear children voices whisper. Who’s really gonna listen? Why do we keep the distance? It’s touching and we’re really all from our look for instance. They going to keep us dumb. The change is gonna come. Don’t you miss it. Just be curious of the second opinion. Absorb but you can’t understand what you’re seeing. Respect the earth and do your best to keep it safe. Use your heart and brain.

This is the rhythm of the healing dance. Meaning, time, and space for this healing dance.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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