Review: Young Bleed – On My Own

Young Bleed – On My Own is one of the best Baton Rouge rap albums of 2000 next to C-Loc – It’s A Gamble and Beelow – Ballaholic. On My Own was the follow-up album to My Balls and My Word which became a platinum success in the underground rap music scene in the South. On My Own is the platinum follow-up to My Balls and My Word. His lyrical content and delivery have direction over spacious rhymes. He showcased his lyrical and storytelling ability. His talent flourishes on every song as the production flourishes as well as always.

This album along with C-Loc – It’s A Gamble and Beelow – Ballaholic had a major roll in putting Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the map of hip hop/rap! That album also had a major role in putting Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the map. C-Loc Records had pool of talent in the 1990s and 2000s which included Young Bleed, Boo, Max Minelli, and C-Loc.

Young Bleed explained how his lifestyle is treacherous and dangerous on his drum heavy and drum driven song Trecherous. The song exemplifies the necessities of a true player as Young Bleed explains how it costs to be the boss. This is one of his more morbid haunting songs. The song displays vital signs of mental language. It’s goin’ down. Check it out, yo.

There ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it when shit gets treacherous. Young Bleed goes into his mode and gets sick with it like the exorcist. (No X-Raided reference.) Haters can’t get next to this to flex with this. He can promise you that. Don’t lose your life on purpose. He is haunting by night stalking your death. Ripping your click apart until there is no one left.

Now who’s the first to die? Here the killers cry young. Pacing back and fourth against the wall with their nuts? There is no reason to paint a perfect picture for the Pictionary. I hope you see what Young Bleed is seeing. You can either swim with the fishes or straight go nuts with the squirrels. Steady whisperin’ words through corridors from the 36 chambers of death. So all the savage niggas come with weaponry. They tellin’ these niggas to die young if you try ’em in every borough. And that’s not metaphorical. Young Bleed is a nigga that’s treacherous.

Time and Money is a snappy and catchy money getting anthem that similar to the snappy and catchy money getting anthem by Big Syke called Time Iz Money. This song has the same message. Time is money and money is time. You gotta yours and I gotta get mine. There’s more to this life than tryin’ to get high. There’s more to this life than tryin’ to get fly and by. Like you don’t know. That nigga Young Bleed and Too $hort done hopped on the grind.

You see, time is money and money is time. Young Bleed and Too $hort have to get money. He is from the sunshine state where the hate don’t wait. Young Bleed and Too $hort will win and get money. If the chips are overdue, Young Bleed himself doesn’t waste his time and money. Money and time are the two things Young Bleed doesn’t waste.

Short Dogg gettin’ at that ass. He stripped her butt naked. Then he tapped that ass for some money. He could tell the way she danced that she liked to fuck. Too $hort love the way the booty shakes. Punk bitches stare as they can’t compare to her. These fake hoes don’t know what real players do.

Look at the sunshine. It’s about that time a nigga like Young Bleed to get down for his. From the heavens to the clouds. From the sky to the earth, he is breaking dirt for whatever it’s worth. You gotta take it slow though. Which is what Young Bleed does. He stays hounded like a mad man. He stays hounded in the head like a mad man.

No more discussion. What’s the repercussion? When it really don’t matter, niggas get shattered dreams when they see the buckshots scatter. Save the chatter for the mama. You ain’t bout no drama. He can see it in you eyes. You’re just another number. Welcome to the world of the hustlers, players, and pimps where if it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make sense.

Give and Take explains how you win some and you lose some. That’s the way life goes sometimes. He makes it a point to understand this ain’t Wonderland.

There ain’t nothing sweet when milk money ain’t enough to feed the tummy. We are mummified in this land of milk and honey. Living in jeopardy knowing some will never become ghetto celebrities. Take it in stride. That’s how people ride through the streets where Young Bleed is from. Trying to get some. Hoping for the big one. Seven figures and then some. Make it and spend some. Hustling with the man steady taking your income. It’s either kill or be killed in law of the land. In this life we live, you gotta give and take. That’s how it operates. Don’t ask why. This is just fate.

You see, you win some, you lose some. And then you spend some on them when you choose them. You see, it’s a cold world and it’s a cold game. But if you learn the give and take, it ain’t no thang.

Young Bleed is running from one time (police) during the summer in the city where the girls look good but their attitudes shitty with a fifty sack of sticky bailing up G Street. He runs aimlessly through the corner projects holding his heat. He heard police took his partner out of the game last week. They come from the same streets. Now police are trying to blast him. More money more murder, He is cold-blooded and these hoes love it. But that’s the quickest downfall for a player like Young Bleed. It’s like time keep on slippin’ and niggas keep trippin’.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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