Review: Young Bleed – My Balls and My Word

Young Bleed – My Balls and My Word is one of the best Baton Rouge rap albums of 1998 and is easily a top 5 No Limit release that any No Limit fan should recognize. Especially you hardcore NL fans and stans. His lyrical content and delivery have direction over spacious rhymes. His talent flourishes on every song as the production flourishes as well. The production was unusual for a No Limit and Priority album. The album had sort of a West Coast G-Funk sound over East Coast beats. It’s uncommon to find an album this strong in this day and age. He gives you nothing but balls and his word.

Young Bleed had a major roll in putting Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the map of hip hop/rap! This was the album that had his iconic and best-selling song to date called How Ya Do That. How Ya Do That had a major role in putting Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the map. That hit helped make this album become a gold success that would later turn into a platinum success. C-Loc Records had pool of talent in the 1990s which included Young Bleed, Boo, Max Minelli, and C-Loc.

Young Bleed explains how it costs to be the boss on Pull It Off. He explains all the responsibilities and duties of being a boss. The song exemplifies the necessities of a true player. He speaks of the world in all its glory and ugliness. They say to play with a man’s money is to play with a man’s life. And to play with a man’s life means you’re playin’ with your life. That is the message of the song.

If it’s a cost to be a boss, Young Bleed will be hustlin’ high without a doubt. But it gets wicked for real. Money makes the caper. But money also makes them player hate. So watch your back. There is a cost that comes with being a boss. That is why Young Bleed is in the same clothes he wore yesterday trying to take the stress away. Watching through the strife. Struggle and fight are the plight to excel. In a country (well county) full of junkies and river queens. He is a baller that is trying to protect his paper from them haters.

Young Bleed explains how he came out harder and better than last time on Better Than Last Time. The song helps showcase his lyrical delivery along with label mates Max Minelli and C-Loc. You gotta go get yours and make your shit better than the last time. So if you got something on your mind, then make it better than the last time. That is the message of the song.

Max Minelli killed that shit! Max Minelli shined heavy on this song. He killed the song with this cold line and delivery of his which went, “So cold and grab the mic and turn that bitch into an icicle”. He does not get the credit he deserves and never got his just due which is truly criminal.

Young Bleed has been hustlin’ all his motherfucking life. Niggas are trippin’ and player hating. When he wanted to have it, he knew where to look. He did not bitch and complain.

All Young Bleed wants for Christmas is 12 gold teeth, afresh candy blue Jeep, and a four-four heat. He is pot-headed on some cold streaks. The world makes him feel it’s the thing for him. Fuck being something else. Because Young Bleed can hustle and struggle by himself. And bein’ mad at the world ain’t the thang to be. People pass by saying that they wish him well. But in reality he knows these hoes wish him hell. In reality he will hold up. That is the reality.

So what’s the way for a young black nigga today? Rob folks and sell dope. That’s what I figured you’d say. You gotta make money. And if they act funny then take money. So if you got something on your mind, then make it better than the last time.

Man, why y’all wanna take the world from a nigga who ain’t got shit yet? They tell Max Minelli player haters wish him the worst. But he has that fire that will get you roasted. Get your game on the level of mind and we could grind. Because when the world is on fire, all the weed gonna blow. He rolls with a clique full of straight savage ass pistol shooters and he is ready to wrap his paws around the wheels of a Land Cruiser. Lo and behold, you see him slang dope for the cause. The shit C-Loc Records designed blows your mind was made better than the last time.

Confedi is about how everyone in life wants money and strives for something better. We’re all geeking for the loot. Everybody is fiending for fetti. That’s how it is. His delivery and flow are on point.

Young Bleed gave audiences an offer they couldn’t refuse with the lyrical delivery over spacious rhymes on the song “An Offer U Can’t Refuse”. He will give you a proposition that you can’t refuse with his lyrics. He is in it to win. And he will never lose. Nothing but balls and his word.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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