Review: Alexandra Stan – Saxobeats

Alexandra Stan – Saxobeats is one of the lesser known electro swing albums from 2011 that is dance and pop oriented tracks. However this electro swing album is more pop oriented than it is jazz influenced. If you were looking for an album that should relied on jazz and electronic production for musical backing, then this is not the album for you. However the production is quite amazing since a majority of her album is filled with modern electronic production. But there’s hardly any jazz at all. Just electronic and pop.

Ironically the song Mr. Saxobeat is not heavily backed by a saxophone ensemble but is backed by posh modern electronic production and uptempo rhythms. However the song follows the uptempo upbeat rhythm electro swing has. A faint saxophone riff drives the track. The saxophone riff which drives the track can be hardly heard.

Alexandra sings about a man named Mr. Saxobeat whom she is attracted to and sings about the the way he makes her move on her song Mr. Saxobeat.

Mr. Saxobeat makes her dance and makes her move like a freak. He brings her up and down. Mr. Saxobeat is the one Alexandra needs. He is the one she wants to be with. He plays it sweet due to the sweetness in his style.

Bitter Sweet is a bittersweet love song that is filled with love and denial. In this song, Alexandra explains how her man is making her sick with a bittersweet love even though she can feel his genuine love. The song uses generic 2010s style electronic production with a poppish sound.

Alexandra can feel her man’s genuine love. But her man is making her sick with a bittersweet love. As for Alexandra, she is like a bittersweet pie filled with love and denial. When he is not around, everything goes down. Everything goes wrong with her. Yet Alexandra thinks she is better off without him. Her man is like a bittersweet pie. But he is with cream and the cherry top lie.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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