Review: Nellie McKay – Get Away from Me

Get Away from Me by Nellie McKay is the New York City themed comedy jazz. Songs such as Manhattan Avenue, Toto Dies, and Respectable give away such New York City vibes. Comedy meets the sound of jazz music on this album.

Manhattan Avenue told the scenery of every day life on Manhattan Avenue in the Manhattan borough in New York City. This is one of the more sentimental songs with a fun vibe.

Nellie longs for the days of music and mayhem Manhattan Avenue. The children tease. Kittens are meowling. Junkies are prowling. Deep in the jazzy hue of the streetlight on Manhattan Avenue. Mama’s a smilin’ friend in the scuzzy hue of the sunlight. Make it now and make it fast because such memories can never last. Oh but dreams come true on Manhattan Avenue.

Work Song told the story of Nellie’s everyday work life. The song described every day work life in a mundane manner.

Nellie is on the way to her job on the way to her work. She is the way to that slobberin’ hoverin’ jerk who’s her boss and today. Nellie is slave on the run still under the gun. Of Attila the Hun with a cinnamon bun.

If you listen close you can hear the piss, every day’s another loss, But she needs the pay. So she has to please the boss. Every worker looks ahead. Through the sludge they mingle by the mile. So they trudge along in single file. Ah the kiddies must be fed. A quiverin’ jibberin’ shiverin’ mass and mess.

Spoilin’ with a malaise worse than disses or dope. Wakin’ up in a haze with your wishes and hopes. And your poor little dreams all wrapped up in burlap that you carry around for a sniff or a snack or a taste in your haste.

Respectable is a comedic jazz song about a pretentious rich boy. Behind closed doors he displays a fake personality which reveals his true colors. But he doesn’t have nothin’ on Nellie.

There’s a rich boy. But he doesn’t spend money. He just drinks his Poland Spring water. He’s a quick boy walkin’ round the bend or at home alone reading. He tries to do good and right. So he does what he should. But he’s got to subscribe to the rules of the tribe. He’s got his East Side certified pedigree. A respectable member of society. But things ain’t what they seem. His looks and charms aren’t all that. Behind closed doors he displays a fake personality which reveals his true colors. But he doesn’t have nothin’ on Nellie.

He’s a grown man who wears a tie. His laugh is hard and fast. He’s an old man far before his time. And his jacket holds a flask. That upper crust dinner tux sanctimony of his has gotten to his brain. He thinks he is too good for certain things and is better than everyone else. He has his prada, caterers, and maitre’d. Everybody knows he’s no beginner. Nellie warned him that they would burn him. But he didn’t listen.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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