Review: Lucy Dixon – Lulu’s Back in Town

Lucy Dixon’s Lulu’s Back in Town is reminiscent of music by Ruth Etting, Peggy Lee, Fred Astaire, Little Violet, and Caro Emerald. Swing jazz meets jazz manouche with a bit of gypsy jazz on Lucy Dixon – Lulu’s Back in Town. Much of her album has that swing jazz bounciness which is provided by an acoustic guitar. Notice the bounce in the acoustic guitar. The album has some fascinating jazz rhythms, beats, and instrumentation. Her album has cover songs over original jazz standards such as Nagasaki, Get Happy, and Fascinating Rhythm as well as original songs.

The song No Strings describes the freedom Lucy has as she has no strings that can restrict her movement on what she can do in her life. No Strings is backed by an acoustic guitar and that swing jazz bounciness. Notice the bounce in the acoustic guitar. Add that with a bit of tap dancing.

Lucy wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. Everything in its place the way it should be. She starts out every morning just as free as the breeze. Her cares are up on the shelf. There are no ties to her affections. There are no dates that can’t be broken. There are no words that can’t be spoken especially when she is feeling romancy. Like a robin upon a tree. Like a sailor that goes to sea. Like an unwritten melody. Lucy is fancy free and free for anything fancy.

Lucy tells gentlemen to dress up in their best fancy attire because she is back in town on the guitar and piano driven swing jazz ballad Lulu’s Back In Town. The song sounds like a number of a 1950s Broadway play or musical that setting is based in the 1950s.

To all you gentlemen out there, dress up in your best fancy attire because Lucy Dixon is back in town. You gotta get your old tuxedo pressed. You gotta sew a button on your vest. You gotta shine your shoes and slick your hair. Get yourself a boutonniere. Because tonight you’ve gotta look your best. Lulu’s back in town.

You can tell all his pets and all his Harlem coquettes. Miss Otis regrets that he won’t be around. You can tell the mailman not to call. He won’t be coming home until the fall. And then he might not get back home at all. Lulu’s back in town.

Fascinating Rhythm is the upbeat jazz standard that guaranteed to get your feet moving and have you start dancing to the music. Lucy sings about how she has got this rhythm stuck through her head.

Lucy has got a little rhythm a that pit a pats through her brain. This rhythm is so darn persistent. The day isn’t distant when it’ll drive her insane. This rhythm comes in the morning without any warning and hangs around her all day. She’ll have to sneak up to it someday and speak up to it. Lucy hopes it listens when she says, “Fascinating rhythm. You’ve got me on the go fascinating rhythm.”

Lucy is all a quiver. The neighbors want to know why she is always shaking. Each morning she gets up with the sun and starts hopping. No work has been done. She knows that once it didn’t matter. But now she is doing wrong when she starts to patter. Lucy longs to be the girl with that fascinating rhythm.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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