Review: Jill Scott – Golden Memories

Golden Moments is a compilation album Hidden Beach Recordings compiled to capitalize on the success of songstress Jill Scott. The album featured some of her hits such as Gettin In The Way, He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat), Cross My Mind, and The Way. You will love how direct she is with her lyrical honesty as she puts her soul into each song of hers. The way she soul talks and sings soulfully is incredible like no other. This whole compilation album is basically a fusion of Soul-Jazz. Jill Scott is very underrated.

Only Jill can make a song about beating some sister’s ass sound so soulful, classy, classic, and beautiful. That is what she did on her hit song Gettin In The Way. The way Jill soul talks and sings soulfully is incredible like no other. Jill manages to make her vocals sound both jazzy and soulful at the same time. This song is neo-soul at its best. There’s nothing like that 2000s neo-soul.

An ex-lover who once was dating Jill’s man is apparently lying on Jill. But he’s seeing right through the lies as does Jill. This sister is getting the way of what Jill is feelin’.

Jill knows she doesn’t understand. But she is gonna have to understand he’s Jill’s man now.What she had is gone. Their thing is stronger than any lie she can tell on Jill. Jill can see her intentions. She can’t handle the truth. He let her go a long time ago. Jill tells her man’s ex-lover that it’s now time to turn him loose. She is getting the way of what Jill is feelin’.

Jill has been a lady up to now and is clearly losing her patience dealing with this sister. Jill doesn’t know how much more she can take dealing with her. Queens shouldn’t swing if you know what I mean.

Jill about to take her earrings off, get herself some Vaseline, and get very confrontational. Jill tells her to back down by telling her, “I’m ’bout to go off in your face, girl. You better chill. I mean it. You better back down before you get smacked down. You better relax yourself. He’s my man and nobody else’s.” In other words, if this sister doesn’t chill, Jill will beat her ass. He’s her man and nobody else’s.

Everything is beautiful between Jill and him. Here comes his ex-lover and her big mouth talking about Jill telling him that she has seen Jill up 24th Street with them other cats in. But she knows that’s a lie. Yet she continuously keeps on giving Jill’s man false information. Jill tells her that she is going to take her out in the middle of the street and whoop her ass. That is how Jill lets her know that she herself isn’t playing.

Crown Royal is a futuristic sounding 2000s soul-pop song about how Jill’s man treats her like a queen and having sex. The way a sister should be treated. Now there is not the usual Soul-Jazz fusion in this as is the case with her other songs. Crown Royal uses a more soul-pop based sound.

His hands on her hips pull her right back to him. Jill catch that thrust and give it right back to him. She can reciprocate the same movement. He is in so deep. They are both making love on the floor. Jill is squirting mad oil on. Down on the floor until her speaker starts to boil. He is like Crown Royal on ice.

Jill sings about how the person she was loving isn’t right for her and about how she was thinking about how they weren’t right for each other, even though they had incredible sex. That is the synopsis of Cross My Mind. The piano gives that song a jazzy edge while her singing gives the song a soulful sound.

Jill was thinking about the person that was once her lover. Wondering if he wears the same cologne that smelled good on him. She had the next boyfriend of hers try the same kind. But it stunk on him though. The cologne is for her new man. You know what they say, everything ain’t for everybody. But she tried it anyway. He sure did smell good. She was just thinking about him. He was just running cross her mind.

At the end of the song, Jill comes to terms and realizes they weren’t right for each other. Which is what the lyrics “But the reality honestly/You were never good for me and I was never good for you” mean.

The Way picked up where Gettin In The Way left off in a way. That is no exaggeration or double entendre. Jill wants to spend time with her man. But her girl friends are not letting Jill spend time with her man. That includes his ex-lover as described in her hit song Gettin In The Way. Jill is going to spend time with her man irregardless of what her girl friends want.

Jill woke up this morning with a smile on her face. She jumped out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, and cleaned up her place. Then she made herself some breakfast which consisted toast, two scrambled eggs, and grits. Then she heads off to work beaming all the way down 3rd Street.

The time is now 4:30 and Jill can’t wait to get home. Jill’s girl friends want Jill to spend time with them. That includes his ex-lover as described in her hit song Gettin In The Way. However Jill politely tells them to shove off as she has other plans because tonight her man’s coming through. So Jill tells her girl friends, “We gonna have to connect some other time.” Her girl friends understand and finally back off.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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