Review: Slim Guerilla – Groovie Tune$

Slim Guerilla – Groovie Tune$ is an album filled with samples of 90s rap, 70s funk, and 10s trap music. The funk and trap undertones fit in with the darkness of this album given the dark esoteric themes. Slim raps about controversial subject matter which ranges from prostitute to criminal activity and murder. If you like Memphis rap, then you will like this Houston rap album.

Slim Guerilla plays the role of a bill collector while under a distinguished disguise of a serial killer who murders people on Bill Collector. He plays the role of a serial killer under the title of a bill collector. Bill Collector is an example of one of the darker songs on the album.

Slim Guerilla is the young bill collector creeping through your town. Your rent is due. So pay him now. He’s taking all you rappers off the map. SG Rilla Mane is here to take all the bills. Y’all niggas better get yo mind right and catch a deal. Y’all niggas don’t know shit about this fucking game. There ain’t nothing funny about this thing here.

Ice Cold Lady Pimp told the story of a woman who was an ice cold female pimp who was also an ice cold killer who was evil undoubtedly. An ice cold killa bitch to be exact and precise.

This ice cold lady pimp don’t fuck with no lame nigga or a fucking simp. One day, she went to the bay and decided to rob a nearby corner store. She grabbed the clerk by the neck and then she choked his throat. Then she went in the Cadillac. She drove around the corner and noticed somе niggas that was snitching her out. Then she grabbеd the TEC-9 and blew their fucking brains out. That’s a ice cold killa bitch.

Now she’s on the run. The cops got her on the chase. She don’t know what to do now. So she took off all her clothes and now she’s running naked. Next she jumped over the fence. No one else knew what happened next with her.

The Groove Me Interlude is filled with smooth laid back passion music for the playas and the sexy ladies. Slim says this interlude is filled with groovy shit. Pour a glass. Pour any kind of passion. SG Rilla Mane is all up in this fucking thing.

So relax up on this carpet because you know your ass is jamming. Sex is so good. SG Rilla does this shit because you know he’s so cold. This is passion music for the playas and the sexy ladies.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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