Review: Electric Swing Circus – Connected/Invisible Man

Connected/Invisible Man was the swinging debut single by Electric Swing Circus. The single had 3 danceable songs. A mixture of musical styles such as swing, big band, and bossa nova were used on their debut single.

Invisible Man is about a secretive man who lives in his office disguise. He may deceptive underneath this persona he is trying to hide.

Behind his smile there’s always been a grimace. He lives below his limit in his office disguise. Looking out behind the parting of the curtain. He’s feeling quite uncertain about how he’s been being deceived.

Who’d have thought he would be here? He stood in front of your fear. Here’s your chance to appear. There is no turning back. Now is your time to decide if you will run or hide. Do you run? Will you hide? No more invisible man.

Lights get lower as time moves slower. What are you waiting for? Step a little bit closer to the edge to prove it. Make your mark. Crank it up step by step. Shake that thought right out your head

Years ago, everybody told this invisible man. They always tried to hold him back from wasting his time. It’s all eyes. The world and every nation. A legend in creation. To do it again.

Connected is about how two people who are in love are connected. The song also teaches us that we are connected to one another.

A couple who are in love must protect what they have got. They’ve traveled so far not to forget.
A speck of some dust just blowing out on the wind. Shooting stars rain down to shine so bright the light can’t sleep tonight. Tears fade away like ghosts. Like a tethered hawk that can’t escape. And standing here its plain to see another star has been set free.

Does all this really exist? Have you landed on it for what its worth? We’re all connectеd. I hope you don’t miss a thing riding on the stars. Seeing things for what it is.

Havana love of Hemingway. Open up your heart today. Hurricanes won’t tear this couple down. They may be/are miles apart but they are both with each other spiritually. These people now will decide on how to love.

I rate this single 4/5****!

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