Review: Guice – Ashes Off My Blunt

Guice – Ashes Off My Blunt is one of the lesser known classic Memphis rap albums with several classic junts. This album serves as one of the best examples of Blackout’s production next to Mongotti and Lil Gain – Big Time Playaz. Blackout helped bring out a grim dark atmosphere while Guice laid down the delivery with his vocals. Those dark slow beats are the best. Blackout is the best when it comes to producing those dark slow beats. That knappy headed nigga named Guice is comin’ at yo ass. Really though.

Find Myself explains how Guice is coping with his current living situation while living in abject poverty. He finds himself unable to be employed for a number of reasons. But he is taking responsibility for all his actions. Those dark slow beats are the best. Blackout is the best when it comes to producing those dark slow beats.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Guice sees himself as a nigga from the ghetto with no food, money, or shelter. He lives in abject poverty. So he finds himself living in the streets trying to figure out a way to get back on his feet. He ran away from home because he was unable to understand why he had to take that bullshit of his father. So he started blowing bud with some thugs in the hood.

If niggas wanna jump, he is bringing out the pump. Bussin hoes in they rump. Down goes another chump. But a punk shot two of Guice’s niggas in the chest. The next week two more of his niggas were put to rest. Guice is now on the run as he is the only one left.

Now Guice unable can’t find a job or seek employment because he lacks the proper skills of being employed. He is about to lose his mind as he feels the tension build. So he walks the streets late at night to find a victim. Guice robs the victim by taking the money from their wallet. Next he bought himself an ounce and now it’s time to make a profit. Guice started slanging 20s and clocking g’s selling the product.

Unfortunately the feds got a video of Guice making the deal. One time busted in his crib and caught him red handed. The feds and one time set up his own boys. The IRS seized his wealth. The judge at the trial found him guilty.

Guice did 20 months behind bars and now he’s back in the hood. These niggas won’t front Guice because they think is a police officer. So he goes to the club just to scheme upon a live hoe. Ain’t nothin popping cause they know a nigga broke.

Instead they jock them niggas with them Gucci links and gold ropes. It’s ironic how his life changed around. Guice used to be on top and now he can’t get help now that he is down. He needs to make a hustle but doesn’t know where to start. Should he take his .38 to jack a nigga out the dark? But if he takes the chance, where can he go to find the product? Guice can’t get a deal because niggas think he is on narcotics. He hasn’t had a decent meal since he hit the street.

Guice can’t count on his family for help because he is not a kid. He could’ve broke the system but the system broke him instead. And there’s only one bullet in the chamber of his piece. He’s looking in the mirror and its driving him to death. So he puts the barrel to his head so he can find himself.

Guice explains the Wet Dream he had on Wet Dream. The junt Wet Dream is full of that real smooth shit.

Guice saw this fine lady at the club smokin’ on some bud. So he stepped up talkin’ some smooth shit. She got a pretty smile. He liked her style and her ass. He liked the way she moved her ass. Guice asks her to dance with him so he can get to know her better. Now Guice doesn’t care if this lady already has a man.

Next they go conversate in his ’64 because he knows she can’t hear him in the club. He turned on the heat and grabbed the Swisha sweet. He sees her getting high. Now he is rubbing on her thigh. Pussy is something that he wants too. He knows a better place where they can be alone and get it on. And won’t nobody tell her nigga that they saw her face. Ain’t no telling what they might do.

His dick is getting stiff. So he grabs the fifth of Seagrams Gin when they stop at the liquor store. Then they head to the Comfort Inn. Now they are in the room. Guice assumes she wants to get with it. He is taking off her clothes and her pantyhose leaving them by the telephone. He gets to rubbin’ on her cunt. She is gettin’ hot. He can feel her pussy getting wet. Guice thinks it’s time to give her what she really wants. So he gives it to her slow by sticking his beanpole to/in her. Guice is guaranteed to make her cum when her man doesn’t. Guice wakes up in his home all alone with his draws fulla nut to come to realize what he had was just a wet dream.

Murder On They Mindz is about committing murder nonetheless.

Guice is a young nigga tryin’ to make a come up in the ghetto slums. He is 18 and has to find a job. However his unable to find a job with decent pay because he has no diploma or GED equivalent. The jobs he finds the pay $4.25 an hour have him quitting everyday. He knew he was a goner. Fuck that shit. So he hit the track with 13 rocks and a bag of weed. Rock for rock, 10 for the bill. Now a motherfucker like him is slanging quality keys.

These lyrics are still poignant today given how no one wants to work anymore. These lyrics explain why no one wants to work for low wages anymore.: “Job is a waste of time, work all your life and end up without a dime” These lyrics are still poignant today as they were more than 25 years ago when this junt was recorded. Guice believes that working a job is a waste of time. He would rather not work all his life and end up with little to no money.

Plus a Memphis cat like Guice is moving this shit. Making that cheese with ease. He came up in this girl without a dime. He’ll be damned if this how he leaves.

Sonny-E is rolling in that lexus bumping that brand new FAZE. A window rolls down when they came to a stoplight. A nigga stuck a .38 to Sonny-E’s face. That nigga shouted, “Drop it off.” waving that .38 and shit. Guice gets jacked for his money and jewelry with Sonny-E. That nigga took his rings, money, and that Lexus. But that ain’t shit as Sonny-E know they will meet again at another place. He’ll forget this incident, but he won’t forget that nigga’s face. Murder is their minds. Murder on they mindz.

2 years later and times are harder. A nigga like Guice ain’t got dope to serve. Guice ain’t got no dough to splurge. He called up his bitch since that’s the only friend he seems to have. He tells her his plans by saying, “What’s up, baby” 10 o’clock me and you at the club tonight. I’ll be doing, having out with a scoop you up at with a sack alight.”

Guice scooped up his bitch at 9:04 PM. They made a stop at the liquor store. They grabbed some Alize and a box of Swisha sweets too. Then they pulled up at the club at 10 PM on the dot. Bumping Snubnoze underground cassette tape from 1993. Finishing up the blunt and alize, now Guice is feeling hype. A chevy rolls up and it’s the nigga that jacked him and Sonny-E at the stoplight. Guice reaches for his heat and starts shooting at him. You better believe it’s on. Murder is on they mindz.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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