Review: Kane & Abel – Am I My Brothers Keeper

Am I My Brothers Keeper by Kane & Abel is one of the best albums from a rap duo on the No Limit label. The album is a certified hood classic with hardcore gangsta lyrics and stellar production from Beats By The Pound. 1998 was one of the best years for No Limit as this album along with Ghetto D helped No Limit gain acceptance with mainstream audiences. Any No Limit fan will tell you this album is a certified 5/5***** star album!

The recording process for the album lapsed from 1996 to 1998. Some songs were recorded in 1996 while other songs were recorded in 1998. Pen N Pixel designed the album cover and artwork in 1998 as they designed a majority of No Limit’s albums, movies, toys, and posters during that time. However the logo for the duo was designed sometime in 1996.

Soldier Story is one of the realist songs on the album with a hint of reality rap as the song is based on real experiences both Kane & Abel had been through with their own family members. Such as Abel’s mother being addicted to crack cocaine. This is a bit of reality rap and gangsta rap.

Abel explained how crack cocaine tore his family apart. His mother is on that crack cocaine. His father is absent from his life. Crack tore apart their family tree. His mother is steady blaming Abel even though it is not his fault. The feds swept through as if Kane & Abel was making crack sales. Now he is trying to make some cash with an uzi and a black mask. All Abel wanted to be was a No Limit soldier.

What the fuck would you do? Drop them or let em drop you? Abel chose dropping the cop because the cops got a Glock too. Abel has got himself a Glock and some Glocks for them niggas on his block. His own mother tried to stab him under the pretense of obtaining more crack and out of fear. So he moved out. But all good things don’t last. The Task Force came fast and busted his black ass. Now his little brother wants to follow in his footsteps. Walking through the streets selling this crack shit.

Niggas don’t wanna try Kane because they will get shot down. Now he is packing a Glock since his twin brother’s locked down. Niggas get touched. So don’t step to this. So many crooked cops had got shot down. And the rest gets hectic. Making you and busters get an exit. Kane is coming for your ass as fast as Flash Gordon. He’ll be making straight head shots. He can still hear his mother’s shout. Follow in the tracks of a soldier.

Kane & Abel showed how there was no turning back for them as a duo as they were reaching the boundaries beyond the point of no return on their song No Turnin’ Back. You can either kill them now or wait for them to return and kill you. Don’t hesitate to pull a trigger and waste. Kane & Abel were gangstafied to the realest on this track.

Kane is still in the ghetto with some metal with some metal to wet you. He plays the game as his duo takes it to another level past the point of no return. Kane & Abel are knocking niggas out make some motherfucking Robitussin in grams. Somebody pray for Kane as several street thugs strip him for murder tactics.

Kane & Abel get aggressive and combative with the other No Limit soldiers as they prepare for lyrical combat and an all out verbal war on ’Bout That Combat. Kane & Abel are bout that combat.

Throw your weapons and grab your gats. This is the time for combat and killing. Kane & Abel are knocking niggas heads off by delivering these murder raps. There’s a high blood count due to capital contract blood spilling’s to put that ass in the coma like ebola. That is why there are sneaky killings on the low low. Haters run like track a s they are too intimidated to bust back. Kane & Abel are bout that combat.

You niggas act like they don’t know Full Blooded. Da Hound from Gert Town. This nigga had done shit back in ’94 with P. Things start to get scary when he lights go out. This is because Full Blooded is going all out in combat. Way out.

Greens, Cornbread, and Cabbage is about earning that money. It’s all about that money. Master P snapped on Greens, Cornbread, and Cabbage by killing shit with his gangsta lyrical ability. The underrated NOLA rap group added that gumbo spice to the mix with their lyrics. Greens, Cornbread, and Cabbage is the best song on the album next to Soldier Story.

Hoes in the club showing love. Ask Tela. Master P got hoes on the beeper just like mosquitoes. Niggas want to fuck with the P because he’s making scrilla. He has been labeled and tagged as your neighborhood dealer. He has got this game gripped and got the hoes wanting sacks. And has got niggas in the hood waiting on me for crack. Fifteen five for a key.

He ain’t Scarface but somehow he got the money and the power while living in the South. Bitches getting broked on for motherfucking P. It’s all about the 20’s and the 50’s. It’s all about his scrilla. Trying to get his paper. Got them beans trying to flip them dope fiends hundreds. Big Mo got that mack 11-9 for y’all killers. Big Boz got that AK and that’s real. Now a nigga got the shit gangstafied like Kane & Abel. Niggas got more clientele than niggas got cable. Niggas trying to get greens, cornbread, and cabbage.

Kane is on top because he got rocks and because he has scrilla. This paper got him rich. Quick to run up in that pussy with a hard dick. He took a little scrilla like the killer he is. Starting late in the hood got him paid scoring like Reggie Miller. Representing like a senator. Smoking hay bitch a hundred down like predator. Niggas trying to get them greens, cornbread, and cabbage.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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