Review: Gare Du Nord – Sex ‘n’ Jazz

Gare Du Nord – Sex ‘n’ Jazz is a sex jazz album filled with love songs and sophistication. Now Gare Du Nord herself did this album for the love of sex and jazz. No sex without music and no sex without words. There is never no sex without jazz. The album is a bit similar to Norah Jones and those Blue Note releases. The tone is kind of monotonous but is romantic, smooth, soothing, and cool. Fans of romantic jazz music will surely appreciate this album. The album uses a bit of bossa nova and orchestra music. The strings selection is simply beautiful.

Marvin & Miles was a song dedicated to Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis. This song is a soul jazz fusion where the sounds of Motown meet Blue Note.

The tough guy in the collar with a tenor sax at hands. Gare Du Nord should have warned her because she’s freaking out on music. On variety of styles. And now she’s stuck in the middle with the moods of Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis (Marvin and Miles). She wouldn’t understand.

The tenor softly said, “You know you’ve got me so excited I don’t know how to fight it. Let’s have a ball instead.” She slipped into his nightmare for longer than a while and now she’s stuck in the middle with the moods of Marvin and Miles.

She really doesn’t know it’s plain to see. He’s not working on her family tree. You see it’s all part of the show. It’s only tenor men’s job to blow. So now the blue notes flow and she’s free to go. And rise to the occasion of an all time blow. She knows how it feels to be blown away in bebop style.

Ride On is about Gare Du Nord messing with her destiny and bouncing back to happiness.

Gare Du Nord has been messing with her destiny. But  as long as her man is here with her they will ride on. It’s been heavy weather more or less. Now she is bouncing back to happiness. From  the moment that he came her way, every day is a better day.

And it’s all because of him. Flowing freely like the Rio Grande. Going straight  ahead to the Promised Land. He give her cause just to smile again. He must be part of a master plan because him and her truly harmonize. He is the rainbow in her loving eyes.

Chet’s Chat explained the story of why Gare Du Nord was out in California with her friends. The song captured the essence of the golden days of West Coast jazz.

Gare Du Nord is hanging out with Chet in California trying to make a living and kick some ass. Gerry had a bad case of pneumonia. He was taking more than giving because he was high on grass. Pepper was the hottest on the bandstand playing a tenor sax with great finesse. Match to catch the sun in sound at wave land. The golden days of West Coast jazz. Gare Du Nord and her friends were living in the golden days of West Coast jazz.

Every day was summer as Gare Du Nord flying high and blowing free with Mr. D. in San Francisco.
Wonder boy was going where the chicks go. He set his sights on many chicks.

Then Gare Du Nord and her friends ran into some trouble at the Cape Fear. Chico played the drums too fast. His drumming sounds like bombing to a soft ear. The problem was that Chico was drumming way too loudly. The golden days of West Coast jazz just blow your way.

Light as a breeze. A hazy day. An extended tease. Let’s rush off with the seagulls to some roof top flat. The lower the bet, the higher you get.

Quiet Storm explains the story about one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person which is love. And I mean real love. Real love includes body contact which is sex (sexual intercourse). One on one. But remember. No sex without music and no sex without words. Never ever no sex without jazz.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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