Review: Dimie cat – ZigZag

Dimie cat – ZigZag uses a touch of Dixieland jazz of the 1920s on top of modern contemporary electro swing music. This was an overlooked electro swing album from the year of 2012 undoubtedly which the album was overlooked by many people. Now a significant portion of more than half of these songs on here sung in the French language such as Agates des Lego, La voiture, Le poulpe, and Montagne russe. This is certainly a unique and interesting album.

Ping Pong is a Chinese electro swing love song that is sung in the French language. Talk about a multicultural combination of multinational themes. You have a Chinese electro swing love song that is sung in the French language distributed by a Japanese company.

The story takes place in the country of Hong Kong with 3 people that are involved in a love triangle. Ping is the woman in love with a man named Pong. However Pong has been dishonest with her by cheating on with another woman that he is in love with named Ming. Ming enjoys taking Ping’s man away from her.

Ping saw Pong go out in a tuxedo. So he tailed him to the parking lot. She found out he was taking off his ring. Ping loved Pong who loved another woman named Ming. So you know they are in a love triangle which all 3 people are involved in.

Ping was eating away at her house. That’s when Pong arranges the schedule and juggles all night with Ming. Ming and Pong go shopping and get Chinese manicuring. Ping followed Ming while she was shopping with Pong. She is stalking to find out what is going on with Pong. After that Ming and Pong went to go get Chinese manicuring. Then they both joined Pong. Ping demanded an explanation out of Pong. Of course only one person ends not being mad at him of course.

Luckily Pong was saved by the bell. Meaning that Ping does not completely hate or resent Pong for how he cheated on her behind her back without her knowledge. Ping still has feelings for Pong and wants him back in her life.

Ming got killed one day when she was out by herself. Suddenly the rain of bullets resounded. A man named Big Bang killed Ming out of malicious intent. That means no more nights with Ming. Pong will no longer be able to spend any more nights with Ming.

Here is how Ming was killed. Ping followed Ming while she was shopping alone one day. Ping hired Big Bang to kill Ming so she could get Pong back in her life to be with her. Ping hit the bullseye and killed Ming in the process of with help from Big Bang. That is how Ping hit the nail on the head. No pun intended.

Ping joined Pong jogging to finish his “stretching”. And this meaning of “stretching” means they are having sexual intercourse in gymnastic positions. What is sex without some gymnastics moves? He is acrobatic like a gymnast. This man is like an acrobat from poontang circus. Their feelings were felt as far as Shanghai, China.

Pong is suffering in the shade at the bottom of his prison. Ping thinks she’s back with Pong and juggles with his mahjong bricks. How long the hours seem to him are timeless.

La voiture is an English-French electro swing song where both the English language and French language are used. This is another heart-wrenching love song. The song is about how Sally loves Harry. but Harry doesn’t love Sally anymore. So she takes her anger out on him by doing everything to hold him back.

Sally loves Harry. But Harry doesn’t love Sally anymore. This is their story. And this is what Sally did.

Sally threw the keys in the garbage chute. She messed up Harry’s beautiful car. What Sally did was she boned the wheels, smoked the rubber, and unscrewed all the nuts. Then she plugged the keyhole.
Next she stained everything with hydrocarbons, tampered with the meter, and drowned the engine. Harry’s car was all lacerated with a cutter. The other actions Sally did was desoldered below the reinforcement, shredded the whole belt, loosen the joints, and shampoo on the brakes.

Everything was calculated for tomorrow. Sally did everything right to hold Harry back. Everything Sally did was well done to harm him. Sally did her best to be sure to salt the bill. She’s a very bad girl!

How does she feel? She does not feel bad. She does not feel sad either. And what about Harry’s reaction? There was no reaction from Harry. That’s the reason why Sally decides to do something very bad.

Sally tried everything to warn Harry. She did everything to pull him together. Sally warned Harry that at the slightest blunder he would pay the bill. And in the end he ended up in the storefront. No more zigzag racing or nose in the airbag. She won’t start again. Poor Harry. He has no choice but to go back home. Sally’s happy of course. But Harry gradually becomes a Mister Cellophane. That’s the life it is!

Pasta e Basta is a snappy fast tempo upbeat hypnotic electro swing song about the internationally famous food known as pasta. Pasta can’t get any more sexy than this. Dimie cat attempts to cook her man’s pasta the way his mother cooks pasta but the results were not satisfactory.

Dimie cat has tried everything from the Z to the ABC to cook Pasta e Basta the way her mans’s mother cooks Pasta e Basta. She tried everything to change her man’s “holy” recipe. Her man tells her,
“Mama doesn’t cook them like that. You spoiled it all. Way too much salt.” His Pasta e Basta is just untouchable. Nothing she tried had worked.

She has tried to add things to make them look “original”. I’ve tried to replace the pasta with Shirataki noodles to get anything new. There seems to be no way to find romance on the menu. At the least the menu to his heart.

She tried giving him different food that she had cooked such as seafood, sushi, octopus, chicken, burgers, French fries, whoopee, porridge, and butterscotch. But that did not work.

Dimie cat tried to devil the Pasta e Basta make the taste more erotic. She read books of botanic to make Pasta e Basta more ecstatic. Clearly that was not worth the trouble. The effect has doubled from what she intended.

Dimie cat tried to tie her man in front of a plate of rice. Then she tried to think strategic. So she started a sex strike! Her man has got her turning neurotic. That is why Dimie cat is kind of depressed and psychotic. That is why he will end up all alone with Pasta e Basta.

Corn Flakes explains how Dimie cat beat her man at arm wrestling.

It’s not a question of biceps. Dimie cat just beefed up the cornflakes. There is no need for dumbbells. It’s clear Dimie cat beat her man at arm wrestling. Dimie cat is not the bodybuilder’s daughter. She doesn’t come out of a gangster movie all built like a henchman. She doesn’t have a sinister mouth of a gangster. No, she does not have a stencil tattoo.

Dimie cat don’t need to push the font if you want to fight. She has weightlifter shoulders. Dimie cat doesn’t get nervous at the punching bag. Without a hint of bodybuilding she wins the competition. She goes relaxed without forcing herself or exerting pressure herself. She massacred him at his game.

Montagne russe (Russian Mountain) explains how everything always gets complicated when it comes to love.

Dimie cat’s love is a tic. She wants to love her man obliquely. Everything always gets complicated in her badly printed circuit. This is because everything always gets complicated when it comes to love. Her love is hell. It hits in her plexus. Once again everything goes wrong.

Her heart is a rollercoaster. Nothing fits. There’s always a new trick for him to twist and for him to be luxurious. There’s always another reason to make her man hang around for ages.

Her heart is a rollercoaster. Her love takes her in loops. It goes up and it goes down. She also goes down the sine curve. Her love it depends from routine from the moment when things go off the rails.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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