Review: C-Murder – Aint No Heaven In The Pen

C-Murder – Aint No Heaven In The Pen is one of C-Murder’s most realist albums of 2015 which shows political awareness and social consciousness. C-Murder exhibits his politically conscious and socially conscious side especially on songs such as Tru Justice Movement and Hard 2 Be Black. The album showcases and glorifies the hardships of life with songs such as Life’s Hard. C-Murder raps about life’s hardships and struggles on the song Life’s Hard.

Tru Justice Movement was a revolutionary call to free all of his incarcerated friends locked in behind the penitentiary walls. C-Murder seeks for a true justice movement and a regime change in the American prison system.

C-Murder claims his dogs are victims of the system as they are all in prison. Look what they did C-Murder by giving him all that time to serve in prison. They are sinking niggas every minute and letting ’em drown. Trying to make sure they’ll never get out of touchdown. If your life is on the line, you know that’s what they gonna take. Bound by locks and chains, we gotta brake free. Now let us loose because being free is how we gotta be. What goes around comes around. At least that’s what people say. One day we will make through these trials and tribulations.

In these lyrics, C-Murder exposes how the US Government is over-sentencing African American citizens who have committed crimes by giving them harsh sentences for extensive periods of time that are deemed unconstitutional. There is a racial bias in the US Government.

They all in prison, listen up close, and pay attention
Over-sentencing niggas everyday, in my hometown
Shoutout to my partners locked up, including Eric Brown
They sinking niggas every minute and letting ’em drown
Trying to make sure they’ll never get out of touchdown
Can you imagine that? With no release date?
If your life is on the line, you know that’s what they gonna take
I think it’s safe to say that the system crooked
The judge, the DA, even the bitches that working booking
Shit I’m steady looking, watching them take my life from me

Shit is real, when you living a life of crime
Look what they did C-Murder, giving him all the time
Shit, but don’t stress, just keep your patience
Through trials and tribulations, and one day we all gon’ make it

Yeah, it’s true, and I suffer a consequence for most crimes that I do
I remember what they did to C-Murder, it’s nothing new
And having no evidence is a reason to cut him loose
It’s a must, I keep it real, spit facts when I speak
Yeah I lived a life of crime, but what about the police
What about the DA and the judges who sentenced me
Open your eyes, pay attention so you can see
The court is in session

All I Wanted To Be (Remix) was a diss aimed at Master P because C-Murder thought his own brother testified against him to get him incarcerated. C-Murder expressed his disappointment at Master P throughout the song.

So many people wish to see C-Murder dead because he is a problem. And as a result, so many problems come to him. Many people view C-Murder as disgrace to the Calliope Projects. C-Murder felt that his own brother, Master P, turned against him when he testified against him at his trial. He got paranoid and believed Master P was trying to kill him.

C-Murder expressed his disappointment at Master P and dissed him in these lyrics.

I’m having dreams that my brothers trying to kill me
And spill me, now why this nigga hate the real C?
After the meals, we still supposed to keep it Colli
I went to jail, any bail, he said he didn’t love me
It’s ugly, when your brother prosecute you too
Say I’m the black sheep, just show him where the Mac be
P, dog, all you had to do was ask me
But you chose to do your interviews and blast me
Assass me, I was murdered by my hero
A bullet through my heart that tore my whole world apart

Never kick a man when he’s on
Never bounce on your brother when he’s in the box
It’s bad enough he’s in the box
You mad enough to point a finger, bro, well, look in the mirror
And when the smoke clears, I bet the picture’s getting clearer
A spitting image of an unloyal hypocrite
A disgrace to the Calliope nigga, now picture this
A small victory, ’cause now I know how you really feel
And I ain’t dead yet ’cause real goons is hard to kill
Yeah you lied on me, but I ain’t cried homie
Sometimes I feel like you might have called the cops on me
Your pops phony, I ain’t trying to buy nobody’s love
And tell your whole clique: fuck ’em, they just fake thugs
The black sheep, with the black G’s and black teeth
The black ski mask, the black brick’s in the back seat
The black P’s, black heart, and now a betrayal

C-Murder, Snoop Dogg, Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) rap about the hardships of being black in America Hard 2 Be Black. Nowadays it’s hard to be black. You see the system was designed to keep African Americans down.

Boosie Badazz discusses how the odds are against African Americans and how the system in America is rigged against African Americans in these lyrics. There are liquor stores on every corner to kill African Americans in due time. It’s hard to be black and even harder when your money flowing like water. You see the system was designed to keep African Americans down.

It’s hard to be black and even harder
When your money flowing like water
Some won’t be a thug
So son won’t be his father
Judge he turned his nose up, sinners is bad
Life with no parole, how they sell us is black
9 times out of 10, we killing our own kind
Liquor stores on every corner to kill us in due time
I ain’t lying my race got no peace
Uh, shoot me in the back but run from the police
It’s so hard being me- a successful nigga
Got these devils pissed off at my complexion nigga
Cause I’m black seem like it’s so hard to get high
Cause I’m black seem like it’s easier to get fired
Cause I’m black seem like it’s easier to get time
Same charge, white boy- 5
Me, my boy- 99
Obama ain’t lying you made it hard for a nigga
Ain’t a black nigga with power
They trying to slaughter a nigga
It’s hard

I rate this album 4/5****!

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