Review: Tape Five – Swingfood Mood

Tape Five – Swingfood Mood is one swinging jazz album that is perfect enough to dance to. If you like Electric Swing Circus, Swingrowers, Swing Republic, Caro Emerald, and Atom Smith, then this album is suited for you. The album has a retro lounge vibe. Tape Five always comes in swinging with these beautiful jazz masterpieces.

Mr. White Suit! is about the biography of a man who was a player who was born again in the year of 1924. The song uses a bit of skiffle.

Mr. White Suit was born again in 1924. A calypso band was playin’ on the shore behind the bars in the streets of this famous town where he died that year.

There were Desperados, dancin’ bonitas, and sweet senoritas drinkin’ mochitos. One day he wants leave to go to Portofino, Italy. But until that beautiful day he’ll do the cha-cha-cha, here at Rico’s Bar. And even merengue down at Tony’s Cafe. He watches the sweet petitas, and the squeaky senoritas. One thing that is noticeable about him is he wears that white suit. He never felt that good.

Each time he is in the mood he looks at the sea. The ships are rolling in. No ship is leaving with him. He could not escape the noise and the lights of this town. And after all he was going down. Maybe he will leave to go to San Fernando, California.

Avenue Du Gare is about a lady looking for adventure and a drinking companion to drink with.

This lady has been looking for adventure from Stockholm, Sweden to the riviera. She has been looking around for something new to try. That is why she socializes during night time. She is looking for a man who is out at night time while living like a playboy. All she needs to hear is one word to get her high. Do you like what you see?

This gentleman she spots has got her walking on air. She needs his company. Someone to drink cocktails Istanbul, Turkey to Amsterdam, Netherlands. E-mails, naughty pictures, or a telegram will satisfy her day and her needs. Somedays she is taking everything she can. Hot shot, Aeroflot or Cabriole. Any means of transportation that are available to her.

She was looking for adventure but she couldn’t keep it all together. Now she can hardly find food to eat, old clothes, cigarettes and alcohol. She had big dreams but then she had to lose control. One day you’ll see her back upon her feet.

Tango For A Spy! is about a spy having a sweet tango. A bit of rhumba music thrown into the mix thus giving away a tropical sound and vibe.

A spy is going out for a secret rendezvous. I ain’t got no clue as to where the spying going for a secret rendezvous because the spy didn’t leave no trace today. The spy is probably going down to Fernandos Hideaway. Tango for a spy! I say.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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