Review: Tape Five – Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol incorporates the ragtime jazz of the 1920s, swing of the 1930s, and big band sound of the 1940s in one album. Ragtime meets swing and big band with a touch of modern electronic production. Tape Five always comes in swinging with these beautiful jazz masterpieces.

Geraldine’s Routine explains how this Italian male immigrant named Romeo fell in love with this dame from out of town named Geraldine. Geraldine was a stripper. Geraldine’s Routine is an extension of the reference to Romeo, who’s eponymous play was set in Verona, Italy. At the turn of the 20th century, millions of immigrants flooded America from all parts of the globe, including Italians.

There was a cat from Brooklyn by the name of Romeo. His folks came from Italy many years ago. One night, he met young Geraldine, a dame from outta town. When Geraldine was dancing she would bring the ballroom down.

Geraldine would wave those paws in the air and spin around like Fred Astaire. Then she would slip Romeo five and they jived. She lifted those puppies off the ground. She did swing those hips and shake them down to that snazzy jazz. That was Geraldine’s routine.

Geraldine’s mother was a stripper and so was Geraldine She learned to strip at Mardi Gras, way down in New Orleans, Louisiana. Romeo was wacky. He was dizzy for this dame Geraldine. He learned a dance and got the chance to be Geraldine’s new flame.

I Spy You is about this woman who has been spying on a man who she has her eyes set on.

This woman has been spying on a man who she has her eyes on for a long time. He spies on her back. This woman was the spy who never was but wanted to be. But if he never tries being a spy, then he’ll never be one. That is what the lyrics “But if you never try it, you’ll never be” mean exactly.

Now she is watching him and everything he does. Naturally this man has been showing some resistance. She is working undercover. So he better not tell anyone including his brother and mother.

He acts under the disguise of a movie star since he has got a fancy car. That’s what the people see but is that really who he is? He is really a spy doing a covert operation for the United Nations at a secret destination and a classified location.

This woman sees him when he is home. She bugs his telephone. She got a message jammer and a little hidden camera inside of his home. However she does know he has got a lover. But he might need another. What this woman will do is go in undercover and eradicate the other lover. She’ll act as his double agent. She’ll work on correct intuition. The greatest spy will never compromise a mission. Now he’ll never be alone.

City of Lights is about this man who is lost in this city of lights because he has never seen such a beautiful girl on such a beautiful night.

This man lost his mind. He is all alone in the city of lights. Like a dream where there are beautiful people and beautiful lights. What a scene. Everything is good here, right? Not exactly true. His luck will change with the roll of one dice. He’s gonna lay a bed on her because he thinks she’s in his range. Now he is blind and can’t see in the pale moonlight. All alone in the city of lights.

He has never seen such a beautiful girl on such a beautiful night. But with the coming of the dawn he can clearly see the lights they walked in. The city scene is no place for him. He knows that he can’t be alone in her company. He needs to be on his own. The city of lights is not a place for him.

Tintarella Di Luna (Moon Tint) explains how candid a love and the moon is. A little tanned reddish red moon covered in all patches. A little reddish red moon are the girls who take the sun. But there is one that takes the moon. They live above the roof like cats while drinking on milk-colored tinctures all night on the roof. And if there is a full moon, she becomes candid. That milk-colored tincture makes her skin white and makes her beautiful among the beautiful. And if there is a full moon, she becomes candid.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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