Review: 11 Acorn Lane – Swing Thing

11 Acorn Lane – Swing Thing is one of the lesser known electro swing albums of 2010 with vintage swing jazz instrumentation and sounds. A big band is used to perform the instrumentation.

Happy As Can Be about how a person can be as happy as they can be. The theme of this song revolves around happiness of course. I’m happy as can be So happy being me. Everything is going my way. So listen to what I say. I’m happy as I can be. The sun is shining in the sky. Take my hand and walk with me. There’s so much beauty here to see. The beauty here is so shining and inviting. All the world is one big smile.

Comin’ Home Baby is an upbeat romantic themed electro swing song with superb jazzy sounds with big band style production. The song is a love song obviously.

Live It Up is about living it up and being present in the present moment. Come on, people! It’s time to live it up! The song tells us to live it up through the good times and bad times. Come on people, let’s live it up together now.

Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix) is a French themed electro swing song about telephone sex (phone sex). Most of the song is performed in the French language. The song has a provocative sexual romantic theme and setting.

Lines to this song are performed randomly in the languages of French and English. For example, examine these lyrics.

Et j’aime bien ton parfum
Mais pour te dire la vérité
What really turns me on
Is what you say

This lady loves telephone sex. This lady tells a man she wants to be alone with him. She tells him, “Moi j’aime bien le sexe au téléphone.” Which is French for Moi j’aime bien le sexe au téléphone. Then she tells him, “I want to be alone with you. I imagine you’re neglected.” She thinks about it everyday.

She proceeds to tell him, “And what drives me crazy are not your kisses. I want to hear you say, “Do me.”” The man tells the lady her perfume is not only what really turns him on. What she says really turns him on. He tells her, “And I like your perfume a lot. But to tell you the truth, what really turns me on is what you say. Do me.”

Then the lady tells the man in a heartbreaking manner her passion only exists in a telephone call over a landline. She tells him, “My passion only exists in a phone call. Goodbye, my darling. Goodbye my thrill.”

I rate this album 4/5****.

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