Review: The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Vavoom!

The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Vavoom! was one of the more livelier swing revival albums of the year 2000 which had such a significant live band that performed the live instrumentation and production on the songs to the album which made everything sound perfect. The album uses a mixture of swing jazz and cabaret. Of course the album relies heavily on that swing revival sound of swing jazz.

The Footloose Doll is about a man named Eddie who has his eyes set on a girl dancing like on Footloose. This was one of the more livelier songs on the album. Obviously the song was solely inspired by the movie Footloose given the dance themes.

Look at that chick in the silvery dress. She’s got a cool tattoo and her hair is a mess. Every single guy in the joint is just watching her dance. Look at her shimmy on down. She’s the footloose doll dancin’ like a hurricane. Now if you’re ever in town and wanna try your luck, the footloose doll can really shake you up. But never underestimate the power of the feline cat. It’s your turn to swing. It’s your night on the town. A little gin goes a long way. So please pass it around.

Standing at the bar was long cool Eddie. He had a few drinks and he’s not really steady. He lacked ability to control his movements due to his state of drunkenness. But he had his eyes fixated on the footloose doll. She called out to Eddie and said, “Hey Eddie.” He was there in an instant. Then she said, “You know you kinda look like Gene Vincent. ” That was all he needed to hear. And that was all she wrote. But don’t even know her name. She’s the footloose doll dancin’ like a hurricane.

They found poor Eddie by the side of the road. His clothes were all torn up and his car had been towed. He never had a chance with a chick like the footloose doll. Everyone soon realized he was not on the level of the footloose doll.

’49 Mercury Blues is about the car trouble Brian had with his 1949 Mercury. Just think of all the trouble that car is putting Brian through.

Brian’s 1949 Mercury car has broken down on the side of the road. The brakes got locked up in the rain. Smoke is pouring out from under the hood. He is stuck on the highway again. He is too young to quit and too old to change. The chopped top is slammed down. Now he can’t find a phone and can’t hitch a ride. Who would stop for him anyway? You would think that after all of these cars he’s owned he would break down and join triple A (AAA). Just think of all the trouble that car is putting Brian through. Brian has got the ’49 Mercury blues.

Americano is about an “Americano Texas cowboy” who acts like a cowboy but is not really one.

This “Americano Texas cowboy” is driving a jeep but he ain’t in the Army. He gets all his cigarette money from his mommy. He’s dressed like a rootin’ tootin’ Texas cowboy. But this lone ranger’s never seen a horse. He is a wanna be Americano. He is a wanna be Americano Texas cowboy.

He wants to drive a Cadillac. Now he’s chasing showgirls. Smokin’ Camels, whiskey, and soda. Now he’s never goin’ back. He’s cruising the streets searching for gold while dressed in designer clothes. Gotta buy a diamond ring because that’s his baby’s favorite thing. He’s in the land where anything can happen. Just remember he’s Americano because he’ll take everything.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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