Review: The Brian Setzer Orchestra – The Dirty Boogie

The Brian Setzer Orchestra – The Dirty Boogie was one of the more livelier swing revival albums of the year 1998 which had such a significant live band that performed the live instrumentation and production on the songs to the album. The album uses a mixture of swing jazz and rockabilly you would hear in music from the 1950s.

Rock This Town uses a mixture fusion of swing jazz and rockabilly you would hear in music from the 1950s. The song is upbeat of course in par with the beats. Brian explains and sings about how him and his lady are going to rock this town tonight by having a good time through socialization.

Brian and his lady went out late Saturday night. Brian had his hair piled high and his lady just looked so right. They were looking as cool as can be. The night was still young. They needed to go have fun and socialize with each other. So Brian picked his lady up at 10 PM to go out for the night. His plan was to return her home by 2 AM. Her mama don’t know what Brian has got in store for her.

They found a little place that really didn’t look half bad. Brian had a whiskey on the rocks and change of a dollar for the jukebox. He put a quarter right into that can but all it played was disco. Brian tells his lady, “Come on pretty baby, let’s get out of here right away. We’re gonna rock this town. Rock it inside out. Make ’em scream and shout. We’re gonna rock ’til we pop. Gonna roll ’til we drop. Rock this town. Rock it inside out.” They’re gonna rock this town. Rock it inside out. They will both make them scream and shout.

Brian and his lady are both having a ball just tearing up the big dance floor. There’s a real square cat. He looks 1974. He looked at Brian once or twice. And you know there’s gonna be a fight.

Dirty Boogie is an upbeat swing jazz sound with lively production and vibrant percussion. The orchestra was killing it on the horns. Those loud lively vibrant horns made the song stand out. Brian discusses how he has to lay down a boogie that is kinda mean on the song Dirty Boogie.

Brian has got a little boogie but it ain’t too clean! It’s real low down and it’s kinda mean. The dirty boogie. When Brian gets low down, it’s the dirty boogie for him. What’s it called? The dirty boogie. They’re shakin’ their hips and scream and shout. Well you rattle and shake, you moan and groan. And do things I can’t talk about. The dirty boogie! Catch my drift?

Nosey Joe is about a nosy man named Joe who is everyone else’s business but his own. Joe is one of those people who’s in everyone else’s business but his own.

There’s a man in town all the women know who goes by the name of Nosey Joe. He doesn’t care if they are married. Joe takes his pick as long as they’re women, he’s ready to stick his big nose in their business.His big nose in their business. Nosey Joe is the nosiest guy Brian knows. He ain’t good lookin’. He ain’t big and strong either. The guy’s got a nose that’s 4 feet long. His big nose in your business. Women, if you get too close, this man will drive.

Brian saw Nosey Joe just the other day. Nosey Joe tried to steal Brian’s gal away. He offered her money and love. She said, “Thank you sir, but please don’t shove. Your big nose in my business.”

Old Nosey Joe finally lost his life messin’ with Brian’s buddy’s wife. Brian’s buddy caught him with his chick. Brian’s buddy chopped off Nosey Joe’s nose and now he can’t stick his big nose in Brian’s business anymore.

This Old House is a rockabilly influenced swing song about an old house that has seen better days. The song is nostalgic and has sentimental value.

This old house has seen better days. This old house once knew its wife and children. This old house was home and comfort as they fought the storms of life. This old house once rang with laughter and had heard many shouts in the past. Now this old house trembles in the darkness when the lightning walks about. No one ain’t gonna need this house no longer. No one ain’t got time to fix the shingles or the floor. Nor to mend the window pain. This old house is gettin’ shaky. This old house has seen the rain and the cold.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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