Review: Playhouserage – Playhouserage

Who would have thought the multi-platinum production company Playhouse Music could create such an amazing breathtaking instrumental techno trance album? This was the same Playhouse Music which produced the “Dangerously in Love Pt. 2” for Beyonce. Never would anyone imagine Playhouse Music was capable of producing such an amazing trance album. The album is a mixture of world music, goa trance, electro pop, synth pop, and hard house combined. A bit of goa trance and hard house is used on songs such as Relax and Lovetaintz. This amazing trance album is something everyone should definitely listen to. This album was way ahead of 2007 and still is ahead of time.

Amor uses a retro touch of 80s style electro pop and synth-pop with the usage of Atari styled synths and blips. Moog style synthesizers add emphasis to the bass lines. The song will remind you of a level in a video game demo where you wonder around and go off exploring randomly without any sense of direction. Those hard house kicks begin at the 1:04 duration mark.

Lovetaintz is one of the more lo-fi sounding songs with a kick of goa trance and hard house. The song uses some powerful kick drums and bass lines that accompany the trance rhythm. Those dub filters Playhouse Music used give the song a lo-fi sound. Those cymbals you hear in the background underneath layers of beats, bass lines, and synth cords are very lo-fi.

The song Electro-statica Beat Machine is very much similar to soundtrack music to a video game. The song is very beat driven no doubt. You have blippy synths, quirky electronic chirps, and synthetic crunches.

Rescue Me is a very mournful trance song which uses a lo-fi violin ensemble underneath hi-electronic beats backed with a trance soundscape that very futuristic sounding. This song is perfect for the night club and dance floor.

Strange Cat utilizes some lively eclectic sounding dance beats and electronic beats over a dreamy trance soundscape. The bass makes song sound even better and stand out more. Kind of like late 90s Europop and late 90s Eurodance. Those warpy synths enrich the song with electronic greatness. The song is excellent party music.

Relax (Open Your Eyes) is one of the best songs of the album and is one of the best trance songs of 2007. This is one of those songs you will keep coming back to and keep repeating. The song uses a beautiful amazing mixture of world music, goa trance, and hard house ever. This song will elevate your mind to unprecedented levels of sensation. This song will give you a fresh outlook on trance music. Those hard house romps and beats begin at the 0:51 mark. Goa trance soundscapes begin at the 1:22 mark.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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