September 24, 2023

Nappy Nephew – I.S.O.L.A. is one the most overlooked and underrated rap singles to ever have been released in Chicago rap. Nappy Nephew spits his rhymes with an East Coast accent throughout his entire single in a poetic way that rhymes. Songs on this single sample acid jazz songs. Nappy Nephew – I.S.O.L.A was released on cassette as a single in 1994.

High City was the route they would after the rap battle was finished. D&B was on the same route. The bank was on the same route. D&B was the place Nappy Nephew and his crew would go to shoot the breeze and have a few laughs. Not to mention talk trash. Nappy Nephew would drop a few rhymes.

Don Medina produced and cowrote the song I.S.O.L.A. in 1993 with Duane James aka Nappy Nephew. 1993 was a great time for them.

Nappy Nephew takes us back to 1986 when he used to run with D Lee, C.O., Terrel. Looked at as a zero in a small racist tight ghetto, Nappy Nephew never broke any rules. The microphone was his tool. You would go all out in a rap battle at Humphries High School. People would run. You had clout if you won. His rhymes weren’t too rough.

Sometimes there would be a rivalry in Chicago which is Nappy Nephew’s hometown. The rivalry Nappy Nephew is referring to is Bankhead vs Uptown. Back in the 90s, Bankhead and Uptown were rival neighborhoods. People would often try to start fights with each other.

When the rap battle was over, Nappy Nephew and C.O. would kick mad facts. I.S.O.L.A. is the place be for Nappy Nephew

Nappy Nephew was no time in 10th grade. Even when he had time, he would rather be at home and write a mad rhyme. A beat would play inside of his mind and subconscious. He was getting props by the age of 18. He was well known with the women. Chumps would have beef with him but in the end they would lose. Jaws would drop. Cheers wouldn’t stop.

Tha Ruff Rugget uses an acid jazz sample over some phat mean basslines. The phat mean basslines give the song a New Breed feeling. Here come the Ruff Rugget. You can’t fuck with the street sound.

The song has a hilarious punch in one of the lines. Read and analyze this line to understand.: “You can’t fuck with the street sound/Fuck around and catch a Reginald Denny beatdown” This is the most hilarious line in the song! You can’t fuck with that.

Another hilarious line where Nappy Nephew uses shock value is this line right here.: “It’s either my or highway/My idea of a fly day is you’re watching while I knock your girl sideways” The part where Nappy Nephew says, “My idea of a fly day is you’re watching while I knock your girl sideways” is the shock value because what he said turned into something unexpectedly violent. You can obviously tell that he had fun while writing this song.

I rate this single 4/5****!

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