Review: Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer – Dandinista

Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer – Dandinista is another Chap Hop album refined and sophisticated lyrics along with advanced topics. The album uses electro swing elements over rap lyrics. His songwriting is quite lengthy and extensive. The album has songs that are relevant to todays times such as You Don’t Send Me Penis Growth Pill Emails Anymore. More comedy rap with a light-hearted posh touch is used on this album.

Crumpet explained and exposed Mr.B’s addiction to crumpets.

When Mr.B wakes up in the morning or last thing at night, there’s only one thing that can make his constitution right. He craves a certain type of snack food in the daytime and he craves it at dusk. It’s amazing how he is taken by its buttery musk. He declares and claims it’s not a boast that he desires this certain type of snack food more than most. It’s sweeter than the butter on a rapper’s breakfast toast.

Mr.B is looking for his fix of crumpets. But he will still come back for more. And like a veteran he’ll make it better than it was before. He always want more than he had before. He’s got a sweet tooth. Mr.B likes Crumpet. If you don’t like it then you can lump it. It’s an unhealthy addiction of his. Mr.B is a crumpetholic. There’s only one thing on his mind and that’s crumpet.

You Don’t Send Me Penis Growth Pill Emails Anymore is about those spam advertisements people receive in emails that sell penis growth pills. You Don’t Send Me Penis Growth Pill Emails Anymore is a comedy rap song that is relevant to todays times. Allow Mr.B please to welcome you all to the first ever internet nostalgia ballad.

When we were young getting online through the internet was just for fun. Life was simple. We were fine with a 56K loading time. Now it seems the more we’re connected due to upgrades in technology, the more that walls have been erected. You have 3,000 friends who are not your friends. The trolling never ends. But there’s one thing Mr.B wants to know more than anything else. Mr.B used to wonder “Where did they get my details?” That was before. Now you don’t send Mr.B penis growth pill emails anymore. A few good friends have seen it and some females just to gawk.

Make all nice joints as the gate creaks. Cats and hate speech. The first time you knocked an online one off, it took all night to download Pussy Bahnhoff. And that was just the home screen. A cartoon of a railway station. That was a full and free exchange of ideas.

Sub-equatorial businessmen have sent Mr.B emails with spam advertisements selling penis growth pills. Now even mysterious Russian women don’t want a piece of him. You would end up feeling much more heinous than before. But you don’t send Mr.B emails about his penis anymore.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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