Review: Parov Stelar – The Demon Diaries

The Demon Diaries is one of the best electro swing albums in the history of electro swing. This is also another one of Parov Stelar’s best albums. You have vintage swing blended in with modern electronic music. What else more could you ask for with jazz?

Keep This Fire Burning is about being a fool for keeping the person you love around even if that person is not the best influence on you.

People say that Parov is a fool for keeping her around. They tell him that she is just no good. Today they’re gonna bring it back. They don’t know the things she does to him or the way it makes him feel inside. Parov tells her to keep the fires burning and to don’t ever stop. He tells her to spread her love. She really makes it hot. Parov is well aware of the fact he is not the guy to check out on her mind. He cannot find a reason why she has gotten so lost.

Parov talks about taking his girl to a different place on Hit Me Like A Drum. This is like one of those fairy tales.

Her love is hope. What did she lose? Nothing at all. Lights off, drinks up. Parov will take his girl away to someplace new. And I know you’ve heard it all before. They don’t care who else is there. No time to sit around and cry. Parov tells her to take his hand and fly. The next thing you know they’re out the door.

Parov wants to dance with her and sail through the sun. Lie in fluffy clouds while they sip on bottled rum. Have some syncopated fun. Her soul and his drum. This is like one of those fairy tales.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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