Review: Abstract Tribe Unique – Mood Pieces

Mood Pieces is a blend of soul and jazz with lyrical hip hop. Tales of urban storytelling are told. This album is their most lyrical album next to Thynk Tank. The album Mood Pieces by Los Angeles’ trio Abstract Tribe Unique is a classic hip hop album that has been overlooked by music fans for many years.

Rolling In My Car deals with the drama when going through the renewal of your car tags and your driver’s license in the DMV. Especially in California where it is ridiculous. No matter time of day. It’s also about the drama of going through all of that paperwork.

Abstract Rude introduces himself in Verse 1. He has had the degrading opportunity to witness the sickness of getting pulled over by a police officer. This leads to inevitably face the “DMV drama” that lies ahead.

He was minding his own business. Suddenly Abstract Rude gets pulled over by a police officer. This police officer said Abstract Rude fit the description of some other guy who had dreads. The guy was wanted for alive or dead. Abstract Rude knew he wouldn’t get far with them expired tags as it was only a matter of time before he could get pulled over by a police officer.

The police officer explains, “We pulled you over because you’re driving a suspicious vehicle with expired tags. You crossed into the other lane of traffic.”.

Abstract Rude lets the police officer know that he certainly does not fear police. Abstract Rude asks “Tell me mon, how can you afford to just pull me over and waste time? Ain’t you supposed to be fightin’ crime?”.

He questions in the chorus that “Should one have to pay cash for not havin’ cash to get car tags?”. Abstract Rude explains the legal process of going to court after receiving a traffic in Verse 2 and in Verse 3.

Abstract Rude smells trouble on the road during Verse 3. And that trouble is California Highway Patrol. Two of his biggest worries is getting shot or being harassed by the cops. Think about where you going because you are subject to get stopped.

Torn is a hip hop song about being torn between the new ways of the present and between the old ways of the past.

The industry tells you how to feel when it comes to the mood within music. Abstract Rude is trying make music that is relatable to everyone and fits your mood. He asks what will the new change be. The public is so innocent to the industry. Abstract Rude is not a part of that falsehood. The industry of riches aren’t relatable to the common man.

He is mocking industry emcees, because they sign a contract and act really cocky by not being themselves. Plus, excess get screwed over out of their own money by record companies as history shows.

But things are better than they were, right? The industry is flooded with rappers that were (once) tight. But which is whose and whose is which? It becomes harder to stay hungry when working for the same record company.

Human spirit has no boundaries whether we depart into infinity or an eternity upon death on Blast Off Into Infinity. The song is notable for its unique style of lyrics and being vivid.

Abstract Rude stays true to his real and vivid unique style of lyrics. He can even changed up his style and flow from the first ATU album Underground Fossils. Abstract Rude doesn’t care about people who are illiterate to his music. Picture the imagery of his rhymes in your head. The images are relaxing and go well with the jazzy and soulful beat in the background. He’ll stay vivid and you love it

People need to open their eyes to the lies of the world. However that is a very difficult thing to do. This world is a fucked up place.

Left Hand Side is an ATU posse cut that is considered to be a universal cypher. Abstract Rude stays steady sharpening the skill on this song. The song is notable for its unique style of lyrics and being vivid. Heavily weighted LA, Underground!

[Intro: Abstract Rude]
Straight from the Mood Pieces by ATU
To all my brother and sisters out there
City to City
State to State
Country to Country

Having a universal cypher, yanamsayin
And you all welcome
(you all invited)

[Verse 1: Abstract Rude]
You all invited to the united headquarters
Where people in LA stop through bringing the chaos to order
We’re searching for the clues in this scavenger hunt
Go by the rules, after what you want
(We want your mind)
And what we do to pass the time
Is read, study, build, steady sharpening the skill
We are the men of steel
Of real intuition and know how
Any tempo, any style
Tracks by X-factor to contemplate the next chapter
Etched in stone, rare rhythms I condone
(Who is the strongest of them all?!)
Someone who tell himself that he won’t fall
We got brothers in the back slappin’ bones on the glass table
And others, watching the rap videos on cable
Producers in studios is how it goes
Dancers outside sparrin
We getting far in the way
Heavily weighted LA, Underground

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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