Review: Jaz Infinite ‎– 93 Culture

Jaz Infinite ‎– 93 Culture instrumental hip hop album from San Antonio that got way overlooked by many hip hop heads. This album is his ode to the golden era of boom bap hip hop and rap. He keeps the sound authentic by using only techniques and tools typically used in the early 90s. That is how Jaz Infinite excels at keeping the sound authentic as possible.

The recording process for this album was as follows. This album was mixed using ProTools, recorded onto a cassette, and was then digitized again using array of sound equipment. The array of sound equipment was an ASR-10, Akai S-950, and a MPC 60II. This album was mixed by DJ Chorizo Funk and hosted by Dinco D of the Leaders of The New School to keep the vibe going. That is where the old school vibe comes from.

93 Culture was a free release from Jaz Infinite’s bandcamp page and was released as a digital download in AAC format and FLAC format during late 2013. To all you tape heads out there, there is no psychical release for Jaz Infinite ‎– 93 Culture.

New Era uses heavy boom bap beats and is hosted by Dinco D of the Leaders of The New School. Jaz Infinite and Dinco D use an old school vibe and sound on this song. A few hazy chords are used to blend with the nostalgic boom bap sound. Hazy and nostalgic are two words to describe New Era.

To The Top uses an electronic piano keyboard played in whirlwind array form. The whirls fit in with the boom bap sound. DJ Chorizo Funk mixed the instrumentals on this classic.

Respect the Contender uses thick infectious boom bap beats and an infectious piano. What I mean by infectious boom bap beats are those hi-hats, snares, and kicks coming from a drumming machine of course. Possibly from a MPC 60II.

Underground Lovely is the horn driven jazz hop song where jazz meets hip hop. A piano and horns selection make up the jazz portion while the beats and vinyl scratching make up the hip hop portion.

Unda Dweller uses a mixture of Afrocentric beats and boom bap beats over a horn sample. Afrocentric meets the sounds of boom bap hip hop on Unda Dweller.

Stay Calm has a calming sound and vibe back a single acoustic guitar and a jazzy saxophone. This recording uses a Nouveau jazz style of sound with hardly any gaps. Jaz Infinite produced those beats. What is different about this recording from all of the others on this album is Jaz Infinite using an acoustic sound here.

Mad ILL Shine is driven by a light cymbal kit and boom bap beats. Dinco D of the Leaders of The New School keeps the vibe going by brining that old school sound.

Da Ova Level is a funky bass driven hip hop instrumental with a groovy jazz vibe. You can definitely tell there is some footwork with the piano as some of those piano chords are sustained. Jaz Infinite produced those beats. Instruments such as a bass guitar, horns, drums, and a piano are used.

Bumrush the Sound uses a tiny of harsh noise and a bit of distortion. Other than that, the song is straight up boom bap hip hop.

An element of nu jazz is used on Stop Time as a handful of instrumentation layers are used on the song. A piano, horn selection, upright bass, and a drum kit were the instruments used to create a nu jazz vibe. These elements of nu jazz are simply amazing.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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