Review: The Prunes – Tracks From The Darkside

The Prunes – Tracks From The Darkside is a coagulation of trip hop, instrumental hip hop, and acid jazz in one recording. It’s instrumental hip hop in downtempo form. The entire album is basally jazz hop. 90s music is the best. The sound is visceral. All of the music was produced and mixed by The Prunes, Asia Love, Nimbus, and DJ Smash. The Prunes are Danish hip-hop production team consisting of Simon Bonde, Christian Buksti and Peder Pedersen. The masters of dark style return. They are The Prunes!

Not What You Think is a mournful piano driven jazz hop instrumental that will remind you of city life. The song is short but dope. You could go on a late night for a walk on a cold winter night with this beat playing. That’s how dope this song is.

Blaalyn Express is a jazzy trip hop take on Brooklyn Express. The Prunes were inspired by the train commuter Brooklyn Express. The song is driven by one xylophone backed by some hard hitting beats. Oxmo Puccino used this beat in one of his songs. Blaalyn Express also proves to be great graffiti bombing music.

Dsb Style is dark brooding jazzy hip hop instrumental backed by mean bass lines and chords. Underneath all the mean bass lines and chords are heavy thick beats. Dsb Style was featured on the compilation album Fat Jazzy Grooves Volume 16 in 1996.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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