Review: Tenderoni – West Side Harmony

Tenderoni – West Side Harmony is a pure Hawaiian R&B album that will touch your soul as these Waianae girls from Hawaii can definitely sing. West Side Harmony captured the contemporary sound of 90s R&B/soul with the funky sounds, soulful harmonies, and obese beats. The quartet focuses on harmonies and melodies to sound soulful. The harmony is their signature with a dash of pop. Members Marja Apisaloma and Shivon Ines sing with a warmth and emotion often lacking in local pop and R&B/soul. They also co-wrote most of the songs for their debut. Their debut album was produced by veteran singer songwriter and producer Timmy Gatling along with producer Matt Young. Tenderoni was a girl group and quartet hat made a noise in the streets for a while in Hawaii back in the 1990s.

Precious Moments uses a settling calm melody. Co-producer Timmy Gatling adds a hint of bass to the song which adds into the settling calm melody of course. Precious Moments is particularly noteworthy as a song co-written by the group.

Back 2 Da Groove is a sample driven R&B song which uses the samples of Earth, Wind, & Fire – Brazilian Rhythm and SOS Band – Take Your Time (Do It Right). The song also uses a reggae mashup. The sounds of funk, soul, pop, and reggae meet each other on Back 2 Da Groove.

The track Songbird explains the magic a songbird brings. A songbird sings from the heart. Each word can and will tear you apart. A songbird can help you be strong. A songbird’s song can set you free. The song a songbird sings sets you free.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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