Review: The Swinghoppers – Welcome To The Family EP

The Swinghoppers – Welcome To The Family EP from UK-based swing-hop group The Swinghoppers uses a combination of electro swing and hip hop/rap resulting in the fusion of swing-hop. Songs from this EP uses samples from widely known hip hop songs such as Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E. for instance. The EP was released for free download on their website in 2017.

Minnie’s Revenge is The Swinghoppers take and cover of Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway with updated modernized electronic production. Jazz meets electronic music on Minnie’s Revenge.

Sharleena Ray plays, acts, and sings the role of Minnie. Minnie explains how men have mistreated her throughout her whole life and how she is fed up with male oppression. So she gets her revenge on them

Well folks, let Offbeat tell you about a dame who’s name was Minnie. Offbeat met her in a bar while he was sipping on whisky. Never had he seen such a good looking chick in a red dress with legs that simply wouldn’t quit. He approached her and said, “Excuse me, Miss. But what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” She said, “Gin’s the only thing that can set me free. I hate my man but he just won’t let me leave”

She proceeded to explain she with was a bloke named Smokey who was well known locally for supplying the dope fiends. And that he had a shipment due later that week. That was worth about a cool hundred thousand ($100,000) on the streets. And if she could get the dough, she could arrange a meet up and she could bump him off and split the dope between them. He thought about it briefly. Plus a damsel in distress how could he say no?

Well folks, let Pye tell you about a dame named Minnie. He met her on the streets looking all frail, pale and skinny.He took her in and fed her. Gave her clothes and cheddar. And said a girl like her could do so much better. So now she loves Pye.

She doesn’t even notice when he dallys with other broads. He always put his trust in her. Like the other day when she found him a new customer. Some sucker that she met in a bar she frequented who had 100 large and was looking to spend it. So Minnie convinced him to make an investment. Then came to him and made a suggestion. If Pye got the dope, she could arrange a meet up then we could bump him off and split the dough between them. Pye had brought my knife so this guy can die right. Then by night, he’ll skip town and go live the high life incognito.

In Verse 3, Minnie (Sharleena Ray) explains how men have mistreated her throughout her whole life and how she is fed up with male oppression.

Well folks, let Minnie tell you all about her. Men have done nothing but doubt Sharleena Ray her whole life. They treat her like she is weak because she is a lady. They treat her based on her gender. And when she met these two chumps they were exactly the same. She had it up to here with all the male oppression. So she dreamed up a scheme to teach them a lesson. They took each other out precisely as planned and now she got the dope and the hundred grand ($100,000).

[Verse 3: Sharleena Ray]
Well folks, let Sharleena Ray tell you all about her.
My men have done nothing but doubt Sharleena Ray her whole life
They treat me like I’m weak, because I’m a dame
And when I met these two chumps they were exactly the same
I’ve had it up to here with all the male oppression
So I dreamed up a scheme to teach them a lesson
They took each other out, precisely as planned
And now I got the dope and the hundred grand

Still is a swingers parody of Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E. in electro swing style. Yeah, Swingers are still messing with you. I said it’s still Dre. But wait swingers. Before you start complaining and claiming that this is sacred. This track is one of their favorites.

Plus you know the greatest form of flattery available is imitation. Fans will pay homage but haters will be dissing them. Then the analytics show that they’re their top listeners. They wanna know Swinghoppers will say next. They say this track’s changed. Nah it’s just been updated. So if you ain’t up on things, Offbeat is the name. He’s still hopping on stage and still dropping these flames. Still swinging like Tarzan wife-swapping with Jane. Still rocking pinstripes and not chains. Offbeat still loves the original but he thinks that this version’s insane. The beats still swing. Swinghoppers are still doing their thing in the style only Swinghoppers can bring.

Swinghoppers are representing all the Swingers all across the globe whether young or old. The Swinghoppers are bringing the heat and still got love for the scene.

Since the last time you heard from Offbeat, he’s made some friends such as Pye and Sharleena. Now he’s rollin’ with them. He found Awesome Wells too. And now Swinghoppers have united to bring that brand new sound called swing hop (swing-hop). In the home of acts just like Massive, Banksy, strong cider and bad accents.

It ain’t nothing but tunes that crowds know. Another free EP for you to download. And although very generous is how it appears. The truth is, we just couldn’t get the samples cleared.

Fans go mad when they hear Swinghoppers spin this track. Suckers wanna be the king, but the Swingpin’s back. So if you ain’t up on things. Offbeat is still ripping off Dr. Dre with no shame. Still got it wrapped like fajitas. Still ain’t tripping. They love to meet fans when they come and see them. Heads are nodding a lot. And these people never want them to stop when it comes to bars. They’re like the opposite of Jonathan Ross.

Swing Hop (Bigger Than) explains how The Swinghoppers are bigger than just electro swing and cannot be pigeonholed into one genre of music. They discuss how they combine music genres from 2 different decades to make something better. Because this right here is swing-hop. You’re listening to swing-hop. Offbeat explains how he formed The Swinghoppers and their origins.

One thing about music is it can’t be pigeon-holed whether it’s brand new or it’s old. There’s more than one era that’s gold and The Swinghoppers are combining them. 2 genres decades apart but they are uniting them. And they mix them together to make something better. Even Dead Prez ain’t denying it.

But Offbeat didn’t want to do this all on his own. So he assembled a team of like-minded friends. The finest musical minds he could find who have proved it time and time again. They’re all established artists in their own right. But aligned are multiplied by 10 (10x).

Everything that you might need, they’ve got. A guy called Pye with a sweet beatbox. But he’s not the type that you want to bite. Like the ones on Fleet Street from Sweeney Todd. In a speakeasy doing cheeky shots. Kings of this thing like BB was.

So if you want the sickest spitters record-spinning singing swingers, they will be the bringers of enjoyment. But then, if you’re a bitter, twisted critic sitting and dissing. Wishing they were quitting quicker, then you will be disappointed. They’re bigger than hip hop or any other genre of music.

Two golden eras here together and they’re standing tall. The kick drum thumps as the tension mounts. The speaker pumps. If your hips gonna bump, then that’s what counts. From jump up Hip-Hop to Lindy Hop in the old town hall. So if you like tight spitting and that heavy weight bass with a beatbox rhythm, then you’re in the right place. The harmony’s pure when Shar’s on the case. This isn’t a gimmick or a rip off of a hit.

The Swinghoppers always play to win. Getting stages lit. Rotating hits. Because this right here is swing-hop.

Feelin’ Good is about Offbeat being in a cheerful mood.

Offbeat woke up early and the birds are tweeting. Now normally he would return to sleep and wouldn’t even dream of leaving bed. And would need to be dragged out kicking and screaming. But for some reason today is different. He doesn’t know why but he feels energized. Ideas flew into his mind. So he jump out of bed and picks up a pen and writes.

He’s been trying this song a fortnight. But every time, it just comes out poorly. But now the words seem to form perfectly and the song virtually writes itself for him. Within an hour the whole song is finished. But he needs a singer to complete the hook. He ain’t got Nina. So Sharleena’s the right songstress to sing. Birds flying high with the sun in the sky. Leaves drifting on by. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for Offbeat and he is feelin’ good. So now you know how he feels.

Offbeat wakes up late midday on a Sunday. His girlfriend taking all of the duvet. He nudges her and she ain’t budging. But she looks so comfy he doesn’t even begrudge it. Offbeat wonders if she is gonna wake up soon. Hunger strikes him. So he leaves the room. She jumps Offbeat and pulls him back under the covers. And before long one thing leads to another, they spend the rest of the day in their PJs.
As they binge on their favourite show.

Now it’s 8 PM and they ain’t even moved. So the place an order for takeaway food. Lying in bed eating pud. Who would’ve thought being so bad could ever feel so good?

Fish in the sea. River running free. Blossoms in the tree. It’s a new life for Offbeat and he is feelin’ good. So now you know how he feels.

It’s night time and Offbeat has got a show to go to. He feels a little nervous. His brain’s telling him all the ways it could go wrong. But his heart knows it won’t do. It doesn’t help that he is stone cold sober. He knows if he only has one Corona that he’ll forget his lyrics and lose his composure. In the hope that this place won’t be complacent.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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