Review: Vordul Mega – Megagraphitti

Vordul Mega – Megagraphitti is one of the lesser known rap albums of 2008. This album showcases real lyrical ability and lyricism which is what rap has been missing. This is jazzy hip hop mixed with major boom bap beats.

Vordul Mega rapped his verses during an emotional mind state on the song and title track called Megagraphitti. These verses of his were written when he was incarcerated at Spofford, which is a juvenile detention center in Bronx, New York.

He’s rapping these verses during an emotional state of mind. Spofford is juvie center in the Bronx. So imagine writing raps when you’re locked up. Not too many happy thoughts.

Vordul Mega is trapped in the darkness spitting these raps like he is trapped up in Spofford going through such nonsense. Spitting forbidden raps off the noggin. Rappin’ assassins from Harlem are here to burn you trash-ass rappers to ashes. Sparking the L’s in the parking lot. Burnin’ the cess and reflectin’ on life as a young adolescence. Pressing the pen to the page and learn the lessons.

It’s like war on the ghetto on streets. It’s like war givin’ metal to beasts. Vordul Mega got caught tryin’ to settle some beef. Now he chills writing these raps and blazing them trees. Vordul Mega stays bustin’ Ghetto Revolution. These cops tryin’ to blow up every damn spot. And you know that.

These lyrics explain Vordul Mega’s living situation on a daily basis. “Trapped in that everyday saga, bustin’ for Diallo/Livin’ trapped in the Apple where it’s rotten/Cats stay plottin’, fiendin’ in the market/Knowin’ us niggas is nothin’ but targets/Starvin’, surrounded with nothin’ but everyday problems”

Vordul Mega is trapped in that everyday saga while busting for Diallo. Livingt rapped in the Apple where it’s rotten. Cats stay plottin’ and fiendin’ in the market knowin’ us niggas is nothin’ but targets. Starving and surrounded with nothing but everyday problems. Live and direct, He gets interjected with thoughts that get him vexed. Bitches and Becks get him wet. Hyped on the set. Crackin’ dutches to fuck up his head. It’s like everyday it rains. Sometimes it feels like he is trapped in a maze of pain. Trying to escape insane thoughts that cross his mind.

Vordul Mega is holding the mic and is starving to shine. Writing these lines you snort to pop the cork. Just a blood vessel tryin’ to move. It’s like war in the ghetto on streets. It’s like war givin’ metal to beasts. Straight up for you Rap City niggas.

Opium Scripts is a rap song about Vordul Mega flying on the strip in a Nissan Z through the Big Apple.

Vordul Mega is flying in a Nissan Z on the strip through the Big Apple while getting zested off that Raphael Saadiq that is blasting through his car radio with the bass turned up. He’s got the Donatello headband and glass caskets Circling through the hood. Kissing the sky and hailing at the world!

The keys are in the ignition so he can ride around shining. Trees in the system as he flies around driving. Desperate to stay living. He fell in love at first sight when he saw that hunk of pig iron which was a 6 LeSabre with a wooden dashboard. At 3 AM he stops to fill up for gas on Georgia Avenue. Camouflaged in clouds of grass. His mind is a horizon and space is smoke.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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