Review: Reese & Bigalow – R&B: Playa Music

Reese & Bigalow are known for writing just soulful music from the depth of the Mississippi region. Doing good music that hits of your soul and you feel it. This album entails a lot of great qualities such as talent, drive, determination, and focus. This is one of Reese & Bigalow’s more musical albums from the previous 2 albums they’ve released.

The album title simply explains for itself. R&B music stands for rhythm and blues, but in this case R&B stands for Reese & Bigalow. The album was clearly inspired by the sound of R&B music stemming from rhythm and blues. This is a good laid back album from 2002. This album won the duo all kinds of critical acclaim among fans around the Mississippi region. Notable guest appearances feature Killer Mike, PSK-13, Craig Love, Billy Cook, and David Banner.

Cat Like Eyes is an upbeat R&B song written by Reese & Bigalow. The song itself is too upbeat to be considered as an R&B slow jam. Cat Like Eyes is partially similar to Soak N’ Wet (X-Rated) in terms of sound and music.

Soulful H-Town singer Billy Cook makes a guest appearance on Cat Like Eyes. Billy Cook helps give the song that H-Town sound from Houston, Texas. Billy Cook helps give the song that H-Town bounce to the sound as well. It’s a bit of Southern soul.

Neva Scared is the original version of Neva Scared by Bonecrusher which he would later redo by rerecording it for his 2003 album. Reese & Bigalow recorded a song called “Neva Scared” that featured Bone Crusher and Killer Mike, who also appeared on Bonecrusher’s 2003 album. The Reese & Bigalow verses were removed and replaced by T.I. when being released commercially on Bonecrusher’s 2003 album under So So Def in 2003.

Bonecrusher stole the song by rerecording it for his 2003 album and not giving the duo proper credit. Bone Crusher got sued by Reese & Bigalow in 2003 and lost a lot of money in the copyright infringement lawsuit. That is why the limelight for Bonecrusher was cut short. Bone Crusher may have stolen this song, but it didn’t launch his career into greater heights of stardom status. At the end of the day his stealing didn’t get him anywhere except being just another 1 hit wonder. Some fans think this version of Neva Scared is a tasteless rip-off. However that is not the case.

Da Set Up represents everything Reese & Bigalow went through on the last album Pure Uncut Fire in 2000. The song Da Set Up is about how the whole criminal justice system in Mississippi is crooked. Reese & Bigalow had been set up by police and the DEA in the past. They discuss how fucked up the police are in Mississippi.

Da Set Up is a blend of R&B and rap music. They were on the vibe of the last album when recording Da Set Up. It’s clear the music got into them. The mood for this song itself is very bitter. Reese & Bigalow were in a bitter mood when recording this song.

Soak N’ Wet (X-Rated) is a freaky deeky sex song hence the title. The song itself is an R&B slow jam appropriate for this album. This version of Soak N’ Wet is a more explicit X-Rated version of the song than the original version of the song.

Soak N’ Wet is a freaky deeky sex song hence the title. The song itself is an R&B slow jam appropriate for this album. Soak N’ Wet is Mississippi R&B at its best.

The song Fresh has that screwed and chopped sound you would expect to be hearing from H-Town. Fresh features rap verses from PSK-13. PSK-13 had lent a hand in helping produce this song for Reese & Bigalow. Screwed and chopped meets R&B.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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