September 24, 2023

Bean Lebouc is back with another new instrumental project Re:Imagination. Only this time this album uses the chopped & screwed sound. This album has the right stuff. Re:Imagination is an album that was inspired by the ‘Screwed Up’ sound created by, the late, DJ Screw and numerous producers Bean Lebouc had the pleasure of working with over the years such as Dirty Needlz, Eirenicon, Zagga Da Alien and SoulRight.

That ‘Screwed Up’ chopped & screwed sound is very prevalent on the song Fatherhood. You have a slowed done loop chorus singing over a lo-fi instrumental. That rainstick help filter the song nicely. Overall this song is a fairly relaxing instrumental. This song is something you can enjoy for your listening pleasure.

Malvern is a piano-driven instrumental with scattered vocal samples and bangin’ beats. The song sounds very nostalgic and cold. Malvern sounds like a song that came from the 1970s. The song is filled with such pure dopeness.

The song and title track Re:Imagination is an instrumental cover of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature. Re:Imagination is definitely the best quiet storm song off the album next to Ride. This song is so heavenly due to the tranquil lush instrumentation used everywhere. The song uses a balanced mixture of both loudness and quietness. One word to describe the feeling of this song is surreal. This song can evoke feeling never felt before. Now this instrumental cover uses a dub filter often heard in chillwave and vaporwave.

First Time We Met is an instrumental cover of Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name which uses modified arrangements and transposed keys which make the song sound darker. The pitch has been shifted. This mellow pop piano ballad is something different.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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