Review: Rich Homie Quan – Family & Mula

Rich Homie Quan – Family & Mula showed a big step in improvement of Rich Homie Quan honing his skills and improving his lyrical game. This album was and showed improvement from his 2019 album Coma. Rich Homie Quan has not lost his step and is even better than before. Rich Homie Quan puts in work with the work with his lyrics.

It’s all about family, power, paper, and profit on Family & Mula.

All that Quan cares about is family and that mula. Family first, money second. Everything after that adds up. They don’t like to talk about where they been through because you know this shit bring bad luck. And Quan ain’t been to safe deposit in a minute. Last time he went it was backed up. The money been accounted for. But these niggas still hatin’. You can tell by the cadence.

Dark Shades explains how people are in Quan’s business.

These niggas be in Quan’s business so much, man. That is he’s gotta keep some shades on. He calls them (his shades) the “hater blockers”. They worry ’bout it. He thought about twenty when he doubled up. Still steppin’ on shit like a monster truck. And if you ain’t sacrifice nothin, you ain’t one of us. This is what hustlin’ look like. You gotta network. He was broke as fuck but still knowing it gotta be fixed. You know he had to fix that shit.

Rich Homie Quan puts in work with the work punchin’ the clock. That is what he did on the song Risk Takers. Risk Takers was about him taking chances knowing there would be consequences resulting from his choices and decisions he made. You don’t know what it took. He explains the sacrifices he made during the song.

Rich Homie Quan took the risk. You don’t know what it took to get here. He can’t hit the block without the shine. There was a lot of pain and a lot of crying. Especially in these hard times. Not like that other shit you had. He has too much monеy in a bank for him to trip with this here. And these scars on him show you what it took to get here. Sacrificing all his time.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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