Review: Onyx – Onyx Versus Everybody

Onyx – Onyx Versus Everybody is a hardcore lyrical rap album which is a collection of freestyles by the members of Onyx and features a variety of guest spots from artists such as Ricky Bats, Harrd, and Big Twins. Onyx gives the rap game has been missing in. Nowadays most rappers sound feminine. But that is certainly not the case with this album. This album is filled with that “Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grimy” sound and hardcore lyrical freestyles. Their rhymes are so rugged they’ll make you limp.

However the album lacks in longevity as the average length of the songs on this album are 2 to 3 minutes long on average. Some of the production has very low quality that is considered mediocre. Onyx must have compiled this album together at the last minute with leftovers and B-sides from the vault. Some of the songs come off as lackluster. This album is for any Onyx completionists out there.

Real Evil has that raw “Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grimy” sound backed by an East Coast rap soundscape. NYC rap can’t get any better than this. The members of Onyx explain how evil they really are during/throughout the song.

Sticky Fingaz is real evil. So don’t piss him off. The only time Sticky Fingaz is soft is when the bitch can’t even get him off. He enjoys every bit of insanity. He is the type of person to get you killed to make it look like an accident. In other words, he’ll make your killing look like an accident without leaving any traces of corroborated evidence linking back to him. And I guarantee you’ll never see your ass again.

Talk in New York revisits Walk in New York from their All We Got Iz Us album and is a sequel to Walk In New York. The album has some heavy boom bap beats and bass with an East Coast sound and vibrance. Listen to the song and notice how the bass vibrates due to the vibrance and nature of the song. Talk in New York is the grimey New York City inspired posse cut on the album which showcased members of Onyx at their best. New York City is always starting shit. This is the best hardcore ender for a rap album. These nasty native New Yorkers come through with that Afficial Nastee sound and style.

Fredro Starr explained in his verse how New York is always starting shit due to reputation with these lyrics.

Ayo, now we throw gang signs in NY
Now you got the bloods and crypts in NY
New York City, we got the whole shit litty
Puerto Rican bitty, playing with her kitty
NYPD still on that bull shit
Giving out ricos with the full clips (pprrrraaaaaa)
Salute papi, I’m the kemosabe
Niggas trying to rob me gon’ be dead in the lobby
So what’s the problem?
Tipping through the Holland
It’s something foreign
Pop up bet the garden
This is the way we walk in Nеw York
If it’s cold outside, that’s the hawk in New York
Hundrеd mad niggas, we don’t talk in New York
This is the way my niggas talk in New York
What up son? What up Don?
It’s all facts, we spit crack
Where Brooklyn at?

New York City got the whole shit. NYPD still on that bull shit. People love to take as they never really asked for it. They just wanted free shit and wouldn’t pay half for it. The fees going crazy for a clean hit. Thugs going wild with a full clip trying to get that bread. Niggas trying to snitch on some bullshit.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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