Review: I-Cue ‎– Derelicts Of Jazz EP

The I-Cue ‎– Derelicts Of Jazz EP uses a mix of jazz and hip hop creating a jazz hop fusion. Most of the songs on this EP use thick SP-1200 beats. New Breed never fails to disappoint when it comes to jazz hop. I-Cue is known for using jazz hop on many of his instrumental songs whether it be singles or EPs. I-Cue released this EP as a 12” vinyl on the New Breed label in 1996.

Maxin’ And Relaxin’ uses thick snares and kicks for the percussion set. A mixture of jazz and hip hop is used hence the looped trumpet sample, thick snares, kicks, and low upright bass. The looped trumpet sample, low upright bass, cymbal kit, and thick snares are what represent the jazz portion of Maxin’ And Relaxin’.

Ill Style is another fine example of jazz hop where jazz and hip hop are blended in together as one big musical incorporation. I-Cue used SP-1200 beats Ill Style. The whole song is an instrumental with a hip hop-tinged drum set. The beats are considered by jazz hop heads to be truly timeless. There is some real dopeness here on this song. Ill Style samples breakbeats from Carlos Bess – Funky Drummer breakbeat series.

Ready To Flip uses medium bass from upright bass strings over a jazz sample. Piano samples can be heard throughout various parts of this I-Cue song. The song uses thick beats and bass.

I rate this EP 4/5****!!

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