Review: Caro Emerald – Emerald Island EP

Caro Emerald – Emerald Island EP is tropical house meets electro swing and jazz. You have sad heartbreaking love songs such as The Ghost of You and Never Ever. You also have your tropical songs such as Exotic Flu and Tahitian Skies. Sadly many people ignored and slept on this wonderful tropical electro swing release. Which is sadly because many people don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Tahitian Skies has a tropical house sound and vibe which meets electro swing and modern jazz. The mod and vibe are totally laid back. The song is about illicit prostitution.

They come from all around nobody checks a thing. Men walk mysteriously then the ladies follow in. Take the quietest giant steps for a cruise in the morning light. They top and stare like they’re all possessed their inhibitions get devoured. Everybody is on a quest and so the rest of the world can wait. Caro’s lips are longing for the taste of another man. Danger is divine underneath Tahitian skies. Knowing every mother lies. But Caro doesn’t mind that.

They live in secrecy at no fixed address. Everyone escapes to get some respite and go rest before the heat is on. There’s a hustler beside the bar has a room with an evil eye with sinister and malicious intent. Heaven knows what he does in the day what he turns into at night. Who wants to know? Everyday surrounding him but his eyes in a fist of rage.

Caro dances by herself with the ghost of her ex-boyfriend on The Ghost of You. The Ghost of You is one of the spooky paranormal spiritual jazz songs with a slightly spooky vibe. Things get quite eerie.

It’s 4 AM in the morning. Caro sashays with herself. Couples all in love surround her as their eyes all aglow. All her steps are memorized swaying to a nice rhythm. Patterns of her feet tattoo the floor. Her feet are frozen like ice. Caro dances with the ghost of ghost of her ex-boyfriend. What else can she do since she is all by herself? He seems too far from view. So she dances with the ghost of her ex-boyfriend.

She stays on the floor defying everything. Advances aimed and towards are effective. She’s not saying a thing to a soul in order keep her heart protected. Sirens (other women) think Caro gets in their way. Their logic won’t compute with her logic or viewpoint. Instead she is adding up the hours she spend with everyone but him. He seems too far from view. So she dances with the ghost of her ex-boyfriend. What else can she do since she is all by herself?

They say there’s not much difference between a good man and a long drag from a cigarette. Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t. And sometimes you need it, and sometimes you don’t. But no one likes a ghost.

Caro Emerald proves herself to be an Italophile on Whatchugot. Several references to Italy, Italian culture, and the Italian language can be heard throughout the song. Whatchugot has many polysyllabic rhymes.

Hey Toscanini, can you make Caro swoon? Caro likes the oboe but she craves and loves the bassoon Some more would light the flambé. Get down and dirty and she might wanna stay. Mister, mister, gave her something real hot. She wants a love practitioner for an all night ball. Clearly she wants to have a ball while ballroom dancing. So whatchugot?

She likes Puccini with some midnight wine. Are you Italian? Because you’re dressed so fine. Where’s your Ferrari? Is it parked out back? Is it shiny and black? She’d like to see it. She likes sambuca. Her love’s the pinnacle. There’s no turning back.

Never Ever deals with betrayal. You know those emotional feelings when a love one leaves you and betrays you.

Love. Caro was wrong and he was right again. Caro came to find him when he ran away. He told Caro he would rather be alone. Alone would be the perfect place for him. Like paradise. She asked him why and he would never speak. He made it like a game of hide and seek. But not before he took control of Caro.

If he gave a little, all he does is take it back again. He leaves her in the middle until she would reminisce again.

Caro never ever thought he would leave her. Caro never ever thought he would deceive her or betray her. She never even thought about those things happening to her. He told her lust could be an enemy. That lust would string her along and strangle all her dreams.

Now she is cracking every single mirror on attached to her walls. And she is not taking any of his calls. Suddenly he is gone and now it’s all Caro’s fault. Is this paradise? Why does he make every day in front of her impossible? Why does he make anything and everything unreasonable?

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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