Review: Onyx – Onyx 4 Life

Onyx came back with that classic terror on their 2021 album Onyx – Onyx 4 Life. This is one of their more darker and lyrical albums next to All We Got Iz Us. This album has a deeper and darker atmosphere with much darker undertones than most of their albums which is why one can say this is one of their second most darkest rap albums. While a majority of their songs on this album lack longevity, they compensate in creativity, controversy, and lyrical ability.

Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, and Mad Lion rap about how 2021 is their year (well was their year) on the song Ahhh Year. The chorus of the song which basically raps up the song in a nutshell basically gives a brief description of what the song is about in a single sentence which goes “Ahh yeah this is our year forget last year last year outta here”. Mad Lion adds a spice of reggae to the song with his vocals as he usually does on songs he is featured on.

Onyx is coming through the door. So better move back. This is their year. Yeah they got the streets tape off taking it to another level. Fuck what a nigga say about the Onyx.

The afficial nastee niggas from Onyx marked their return to music on their song Afficial Nast. The beats and lyrics are hard. Now Onyx was on some devil type shit with this song as they keep mentioning the word “devil” throughout the song. Very different from the usual Onyx song.

The afficial nastee niggas from Onyx have come to you town. So don’t leave your shit around. Evil streets make a nigga do some devilish things. Niggas standing on the corner drinking devil springs. They pack heavy metal like Metallica. 8 ball jackets and devil jeans. The afficial nastee niggas move in the dark niggas move in the night. When the blunts get sparked, the only time you see the light. Rocking phat laces and 3 stripe shell toes. Onyx is what the game has been missing.

It’s the return of the boom bap on Boom Bash as the song is filled with some classic East Coast boom bap beats. It’s the boom bash! Boom bash! Boom bash!

I rate this album 4/5****!

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