Review: Onyx – Black Rock

Onyx – Black Rock is one of the best Onyx albums of the 2010s decade given how long they’ve been in the music game/business. Onyx came with that classic terror with their lyrics, personalities, and production. That classic lyrical terror. This is most def some of that real hip hop/rap. You will love the sample craziness on songs such as Classic Terror and Black Hoodie Rap.

Onyx came mad wicked and aggressive with their hardcore lyrics and high energy on the song Mad Energy. You can feel that boom bap feel right in your chest. That’s some New York influenced rap. That’s what’s missing from the game.

Who you know that can lift a crowd up off their feet? Make em go so crazy it spills out in the street. That would be Sticky Fingaz. He feeds off your energy like a hundred thousand volts (100,000 volts) of electricity. He gets everyone amped up like the whole club on amphetamines. This is how they want it. High performance. Sticky Fingaz goes all out on stage. Throw your guns in the air on some Onyx shit.

Black Hoodie Rap is the Onyx street anthem sampling Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn Go Hard” as the chorus in the song. This is new school rap done right. Lyricism that is actually coherent and has meaning. This is classic rap from the world’s most amazing rap group. This is how it goes down with black hoodie rap.

Cause I’m, It ain’t hard to tell that Fredro Starr is a hundred mad. (100 MAD). Niggas try to play him. But them niggas is ghost now. And you can see murdas just like Steve Miller. You gotta pay to get your goodies back. Either rap went (is) too soft or Onyx is too hard. They talking bout shooting while they’re just fast in blogging.

As always Sticky Fingaz said some of the most quotable dialogue and lyrics during his verse.

And I don’t wear skinny jeans cuz my Glocks don’t fit
My guns give you a sex change, you turn to a bitch
Either rap too soft, or we too hard

Onyx came back with that classic terror on Classic Terror. That classic lyrical terror. Onyx is back together with that classic terror because they know the flow is ill. Their flows are as vicious as ever. The production blends lyrical old school rap into modernized new school rap with the backing of collected vocal samples.

Onyx is back together with that classic terror because they know the flow is ill. Onyx is back forever bustin’ gats together. They are the voice of the ghetto. The heart of New York. This is the madness invasion by the world’s most amazing rap group.

Fredro Starr dissed new school rappers such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Wacka Flocka Flame in these lyrics. However these lyrics were a diss aimed at Wiz Khalifa and Wacka Flocka Flame. Fredro Starr was dissing wack rappers or rappers that he thought were wack.

Rappers suck chop em up trash bag it in the battle make a nigga say you win
Patrick … stars, not a crack night don’t sleep
Like Wiz Wacka smoke Khali, it won’t up to …
I leave the microphone broke in pieces

Fredro Starr said some of the most quotable dialogue and lyrics during his verse.

In my hood, we shoot to make the beef go away
Put 300 on your head nigga beats by DRE

The madness invasion world’s most amazing, rap addict, gotta have it
Gotta have it black magic, pullin’ gats up ya hat like black rabbis

I leave the microphone broke in pieces

Sticky Fingaz said some of the most quotable dialogue and lyrics during his verse as always.

When I was young my mama told me not to play with guns
you gonna shoot your eye out now look at me son
I’m throwing water I’m whilin’ I jump in the crowd
I’m shooting them down, no bitch ass nigguhz allowed

I’m a g in a g wagon, seem second, desert-e dragon
Blow fire and beef happend, keep gapping

I keep the fans hollering
I’m out on Twitter but I got a crowd of follower

I take that gat up on your shirt and write a tat of em
Everywhere I go they got that mad face tat of em
They cuttin their eyes, they see me in first class
Just give me another Hennessy and kiss my black ass

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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