Review: Onyx – All We Got Iz Us

Onyx – All We Got Iz Us is one of the darkest rap albums of 1995 and is considered to be one of Onyx’s darker albums. All We Got Iz Us is one of their darkest albums to date. This album has a deeper and darker atmosphere with much darker undertones than their debut album “Bacdafucup”. They rap about controversial topics such as income inequality, poverty, racism, and corruption. Onyx came with that classic terror with their lyrics, personalities, and production.

This is most def some of that real hip hop/rap. This album is another example of jazz rap in its prime. In this case with Onyx’s sophomore album, you have jazz rap meets gangsta rap and hip hop. There are jazz influences and samples used all over the place in songs such as Last Dayz, 2 Wrongs, Mos Def, The bass lines used on this album kick an unbelievable amount of ass! There is nothing more phat than dat!

Onyx is the best! They are one of the few groups I can listen to their music and not have to skip through tracks. Most albums have only one or two songs people like. Onyx albums are all gold. Every single track is like an eargasm! (An orgasm for the ear.) In this case their sophomore album, each track is worth listening to. You can listen to this album without skipping any tracks because each track is worth listening to. Onyx is the shit and they still are.

Getto Mentalitee explain the mindset and mind state of African American living in poverty whether voluntary and involuntary. Onyx combats topics such as poverty, racism, classism, and history head on. The song explains the ghetto mentality of a person trapped in an impoverished mind state.

For example, Sticky Fingaz combats topics such as racism and history in his verse. He discussed the atrocities white people committed against his ancestors centuries ago. They raped his grandmother’s mothers when they were enslaved. They hung his grandfather if he misbehaved. But his ancestors were brave as most of them were real. 400 years later, he learned about his roots.

[Sticky Fingaz]
It’s a conspiracy, I’ve been framed
They call me Nigga so much, startin to think it’s my name
Light skinned and ashamed, cuz way back in the days
They raped my grandmother’s mothers, when they was enslaved
They hung my grandfather if he misbehaved
But my ancestors was brave and most of them real
Stronghard black sweaty slaves workin in the fields
Four hundred years later, I learned about my roots
And how they traded in they white sheets, for badges and blue suits
So I’m taking recruits to set the fuckin score right and start a fight
A fight, a nigga and a white, and if the nigga don’t win then we all jump in

Fredro explained black on black violence at the beginning of his verse with these lyrics. “You roll a hundred niggas deep but not one of ya got a gun/I bust one shot, you see a hundred niggas run/Dressed in all black Gore-tex with four teks” His lyrics described how gun violence is common among black people.

Last Dayz serves as a cold chilling reminder that we are living in the last days. Get ready for this New World Order!! Shit is about to change muthafucka!! FUCK ILLUMINATI AND NWO!! The bass line kicks unbelievable amount of ass! You will love the sample craziness. There is nothing more phat than dat!

Lyrics such as these address issues in income inequality and racism in America. Onyx takes a stance against income inequality and racism. “So fuck a 9-to-5! And whitey tryin’ to slave us/With minimum wages, slammin’ my niggas up in cages/Changin their behavior to spittin’ razors, that’s outrageous”

The song has some of the most quotable dialogue and lyrics in hip hop and rap such as these lyrics below.

Gather up all your arms
And get ready for this New World Order
Shit is about to change, motherfucker!

I’m America’s nightmare
Young, black and just don’t give a fuck

The murderer who gots convertible drops
Livin’ life on the edge, a dangerous way of livin’
Never givin’ a shit, ‘cause we livin’ in it

Thinkin’ about takin’ my own life, I might as well
Except they might not sell weed in hell
And that’s where I’m goin’, ‘cause the Devil’s inside of me

He make me rob from my own nationality
That’s kind of ignorant, but yo, I gotta pay the rent

I just wanna get high and live it up
So fuck a 9-to-5!

So, yeah, I’ll stick a nigga most definite
A degenerate, if I get caught I’m innocent
‘Cause I don’t leave no sticky fingerprints

Shit, they gonna get it from somebody, I’d rather it be me
Besides, you can’t tax dirty money

We never givin’ a shit, ‘cause we livin’ in it
Afficial Nast motherfuckers don’t give a shit—word up!

2 Wrongs is a song which encourages people to stand up and fight for what they believe in regardless of being wrong or right. It’s time to stand up and fight for what you believe in!! Two wrongs don’t make it right but it damn sure make us even. This oppression and deception is killing our own complexion. What we need to do is point the guns in the right direction. They the ones who put the guns in the ghetto for destruction.

Sticky Fingaz said some of the most quotable dialogue in this song.

I have a dream, that I must reveal
So I pinch myself to make sure it’s real
First we gotta destroy and then rebuild
Even if it mean that I’mma get myself killed

First we gotta destroy and then rebuild
Even if it mean that I’mma get myself killed

Cause it’s just a matter of time before it’s your turn to die
Cause two wrongs don’t make it right, but it damn sure make us equal

The song Most Def is most def some real hip hop/rap. The song Most Def uses some cold bars. In fact, Most Def is one of the most coldest and chilling songs on the album. I wonder if this is where Mos Def got his name? Did he think this song was dope? Can’t blame him! This is real shit! Onyx decided to use some of that phat Zoo York style.

Once again, Onyx says some of the most quotable shit ever in a song. This song has some of the most quotable lyrics in hip hop and rap such as these lyrics below.

I ain’t never had so many death threats in one year
But talk is cheap and it’s comin out my other ear

But I’m not crazy, don’t flatter me
Or I’ll get arrested for assault and battery

No, not you, you’s an amateur, just empty the register
And if it was a fifth then we’d all be stoned
But if I don’t drink and drive then how the fuck I’ma get home?
And I can’t stop smokin weed cause I ain’t no quitter

And I can’t stop smokin weed cause I ain’t no quitter
But since it’s killin my brain cells maybe I should reconsider

Walk in New York was grimey New York City inspired posse cut on the album which showcased members of Onyx at their best. New York City is always starting shit. This is the best hardcore ender for a rap album. These nasty native New Yorkers come through with that Afficial Nastee sound and style.

Sonsee explained in his verse how New York is always starting shit due to reputation with these lyrics.

New York hold shit down on keep locked we rock all night
And if Zoo York niggas wasn’t part of your shit, your shit wasn’t right
We known to start shit up from trends, to riots, to fracas
And big enough to fuck up anybody that wanna attack us
And that’s cause the five boroughs are deep
Most of us are peeps, true Zoo York niggas we play for keeps
Wanna be a part of it
New york is always starting shit

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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