Review: Trina Broussard ‎– Inside My Love

Inside My Love is a quality contemporary R&B/soul album from female singer/songwriter Trina Broussard. Her debut album is filled with love ballads, soulful tunes, pop jams, and love songs. The album is perfect for fans of soul music who are looking for maturity. Just good old fashion relationship music. Her album has an old school R&B touch making this a timeless album.

The album is notable for her vocal range. From high range to low range, her vocals are soothing. She hits on the high notes perfectly.

The music matches the style. The album is reflective of her upbringing since she comes from a very musically inclined family. Which is no surprise since she has been around music all her life. That is why you can feel the live musicianship coming from this album. The album uses true musicianship by using real instruments and uses live instrumentation along with other organic elements involved.

She is truly talented. She produced the almost the whole album herself which was unheard of for R&B stars at that time. Production was also handled by Jamey Jaz, Waryn Campbell, Jermaine Dupri, Gordon Williams, and Kelvin Broughton.

You can this album from start to finish without skipping a song. You can’t do that listening to R&B albums that come out nowadays. Three words to describe this album are mellow, organic, and soulful. Many soul fans will consider her debut album to be very organic.

Inside My Love was set to be released on So So Def/Columbia but its release was cancelled at the last minute leaving the album to be shelved for 10 years. Her debut album remained unreleased due to industry politics and internal politics which prevented the album from being released. Columbia decided not to release the album. That is until the Expansion label from the UK purchased the rights to her album from Columbia. Her Inside My Love album was eventually released on the Expansion label from the UK in 2008 on CD.

If this album had been properly released during the height of the commercial hip hop/R&B era, Trina Broussard could have risen to stardom. Inside My Love could have been a multi-million selling album selling out internationally. Instead internal politics prevented that from ever happening. One thing is true is that Jermaine Dupri knows how to discover talent.

Still, her debut managed to gain favorable reviews among her loyal fanbase. Her loyal fanbase remained true and purchased this album which became a cult following and a collectors item. Inside My Love is considered as a collectors item. It’s great to see an album finally available to purchase after that album sat on the shelf for 10 years! People still talk about this album today.

Here is how Trina Broussard’s debut album was finally released on Expansion. Back in October 2007, she was a backing vocalist with indie soul artist Rahsaan Patterson at the Jazz Café in London, UK. Ralph Tee saw their performance. Ralph Tee approached Trina Broussard after the show about possibly releasing her debut So So Def album in its entirety. He explained to he that he had put some of her songs out on various compilations previously over the course of several years.

In December 2007, Ralph reached out to Trina to tell her he had purchased the music rights from Columbia, Sony, and So So Def. With all the proper work completed, her debut album was finally released in spring of 2008 on the Expansion label.

Trina Broussard wrote Losing My Mind while Jamey Jaz co-produced the song. This song was successful enough to have single which garnered a minor buzz in the music scene back in 1998. The song from this album was used also featured on her Motown album called The Same Girl in 2004.

Trina has lost the right to say her man is fine. She lost the right to love him. She is slowly loosing her mind. Trina was young and just a fool back then. Both of them couldn’t hear the lovers call. Now Trina is all alone and here waiting. She has no one to call her own.

Why Do I Feel So Sad is a very sad love song written by Trina herself. Warryn Campbell produced the song. This song would later appear on Alicia Keys – Songs in A Minor in 2001. Alicia Keys sings in the background vocals with Warryn Campbell.

The song Why Do I Feel So Sad is about Trina discovering sometimes in a relationship it’s best for both people to go their own separate ways. Also the song deals with the sadness and isolation of breaking away from a relationship of love.

Trina wishes sometimes that she could cry. There is only emptiness inside. She wishes that she could stay. But like the seasons, everything must change. It shouldn’t be so bad. So why does Trina feel so sad?

In Verse 2, Trina begins to question how she will get used to this. The thought of him not being here is killing her. This is explained in Verse 2.

[Verse 2]
How can I get used to this?
The thought of him not being here
It’s killing me
How I long for us to be
Just how we used to be

If Trina could stay with him, she would. He’d never be sick of her. That the best thing to do is for them to go their own separate ways.

All I Need Is You is a Donny Hathaway inspired song. Clearly Trina was inspired by the sounds of Donny Hathaway when she wrote this song. The song is very reminiscent to 70s soul. All I Need Is You was co-produced by Jermaine Dupri.

Her smooth vocals fit in with the instrumentation as always. The song itself is very soothing. All I Need Is You has a gospel feel due to the organ being used.

Say You Really Love is a love song which uses a small selection of shakers and keyboards. Her smooth vocals fit in with the instrumentation as always.

Trina fell in love too fast. She is well aware of this. What’s a girl to do? Sometimes she makes the mood too strong, but she keeps moving on. Here she is singing this love song to you. There is nothing wrong as along as you feel the same way as Trina does. Say you really love me like I love you.

How can Trina convince you that her heart is true when you insist on a long distance relationship? You’ll never see how much you mean to her. You won’t let her.

Her love runs deeper everyday. But she can’t go on until you tell her that you love her. Her love for you runs deeper everyday.

Sailing has a soft sultry feel with a touch of modern soul. Her smooth vocals behind in perfectly with the instrumentation. Sailing has true passion thanks to its vocals and instrumentation. Smooth, mellow, faint, and soulful are words which can be used to describe this song.

It’s a shame we have not heard this extraordinary voice on the radio especially with a song such as this one. A voice such as hers should not be overshadowed by the like of Beyonce, Coko, or Rihanna.

Not Around is a song which was written and produced by Jamey Jaz. It was not produced by Trina Broussard as many people would have you believe. The song was written by both Jamey Jaz, Rashaan Patterson, and Trina Broussard. The song has a touch of funk. An ensemble of guitars are used on this song.

However Jamey Jaz, and Rahsaan Patterson are featured on the vocals. This time Trey Lorenz is not singing in the background vocals as he does on half the songs for this album.

Trina Broussard’s Inside My Love is a cover song of Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love. The song was originally performed by Minnie Riperton. This is the song that begun her career in singing. Her song was also included on the Love Jones film. The song itself is a mid-tempo song with pop-influenced beats.

Inside My Love is about her being aware of the power of love put her into a situation she can’t control. She is not fully in control of her emotions yet is fully aware of everything else.

The song begins with two people who are meeting with each other. They are barely touching each other.
The two people are strangers who lack knowing or feeling love. Both of them question whether or no they should take their love further to the next level. Both of them question if they should take their relationship further to the next level.

All Night Long is a slow tempo jazz song which calms down the album. All Night Long uses live instrumentation and real instruments. Her singing is breathtaking.

All Night Long beings with a selection of violin strings playing in a downtempo mood. A couple of shakers are used. 30 seconds into the songs is when the percussion starts to kick in. At the 2:30 mark in the song is where things get sultry. An organ is used. The rest of this jazz song is pretty much slow tempo.

Trina Broussard produced the Remember Me in 1997 all by herself. She wrote the song during the same year as well. The song itself has an uptempo vibe. Trey Lorenz sings the background vocals. The song has a lovely touch of soul used and sung.

Remember Me is about memories of a past lover. Trina shares memories of a previous relationship through out the song. She wonder if her lover still remembers her. Never did she think she would be standing there all alone. She never thought she would be all alone. Trina wonders where all the good times went. Where did all the good times go?

Love You So Much was also a single too which spawned a moderate buzz on radio stations. Love You So Much samples Notorious BIG’s I Got A Story To Tell. Her soulful vocals flourish here.

The song discusses how the love of her life brings her joy. He says all the things she wants to hear. She loves him. He brings joy to her life. His embracement of everything is alright. Sweet and sexy is what she wants. Trina stopped caring about what everyone thought.

Her debut album includes one Christmas song called It’s Not Really Christmas which serves as the bonus track. The production is quite outstanding. Jermaine Dupri served as executive producer for It’s Not Really Christmas. The mood of this song will get you into the holiday spirit.

In this song, Trina expresses desire and wants her lover to be home on Christmas night so he can be home with her on Christmas. Trina does not want to be alone at home on Christmas night. Not without her lover.

It’s not really Christmas no without you here with me all night, baby. Without you it can’t be. It really ain’t Christmas even if it’s the 25th. Trina does not want to be alone at home on Christmas night without her lover.

Fast forward to Christmas night, it’s the evening of the 25th. Presents are under the tree. Everyone is singing. The fire is burning so bright. Lights are shining so brightly. Still there’s something in this house tonight. It’s him. She wants him home for the night. No still it ain’t Christmas without you here with me.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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