Review: MC Smooth – Smooth

The album MC Smooth – Smooth is one of the most overlooked female rap albums of 1995 that is considered to be the most slept on albums. On this album, MC Smooth came out as a singer and rapper. Not just solely as a rapper as she was on her first two albums. The cute look of hers blended in perfectly and appropriately with her sexy appeal. Her smooth vocals and lyrics blended in perfectly and appropriately with her sexy appeal in a masterful way. Cute and sexy are two words that can be used to describe the album. She really showed some growth and maturity from her first album.

Now her 1995 album does not solely rely on rap as first two albums did. At least first two album from the early 1990s. Her 1995 album uses a balanced mixture of rap/hip hop, funk, jazz, R&B/soul, and the occasional pop blends of pop music. The occasional blends of pop music helped her flaunt her sexy appeal and commercial appeal. That makes sense given Smooth had a lot of commercial appeal going for her at the time. Nearly half of the album is sample crazy as most 90s rap albums are and were. So that is not too surprising. A majority of this album is love jams and summertime classics that are sweet but not too explicit.

The Female Mac came back with the flavor so damn smooth on the opener Mind Blowin’. Fans called this song an absolute timeless tune. The song explains how Smooth has her eyes set on this man she has been eyeballing that is mind blowing. She wants him to sleep her. The song has sexual but not too explicit undertones. The occasional blends of pop music in this song helped her flaunt her sexy appeal and commercial appeal.

Here he comes in his drop top Mercedes Benz. Straight kickin’ it with his friends. He is about to spend a few ends. Smooth does not want him to ignore her. He knows he wants to get with this. They can freak it all night. Soft and wet. Give it to her like he knows he should. It’s finger lickin’ good. The flavor is so damn smooth. Smooth put a bend in her back so it won’t break. Smooth tells the man to meet her at the spot when the time is right. She tells him to turn down the lights come and give it to her right. Not the grind and the bump.

It’s Summertime (Let It Get Into You) is a summertime jam that is a classic that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s a fat flow when a mad track feel the rhythm from the back. That saxophone and electric keyboard piano help give the song an edge of jazziness. Open up and see what you can find, let the rhythm freak your mind.

There is nothing you can’t do once you let the funk freak you. Let’s all get together and have some fun. You know the party is on until the break of dawn. Let’s head to the jam. Let it all hang out. Let the groove in your body, then turn it out. It’s all about the party. Leave your troubles behind. Release your soul, body, and mind. It’s summertime.

Smooth is gonna get the crowd jumpin’ all night long. There will be no roughneckin’ or disrespect. We will all just get along. This summer jam got you goin’ crazy. Are you down to get buck wild? Open up and see what you can find, let the rhythm freak your mind. It ain’t nothin’ but a party.

Way Back When shows Smooth reminiscing about a time in her past when her and another man were in love with each other. The days when she could just be herself. However he is not the same man she selected. He is now an entirely different person. Smooth no longer feels connected to him because she feels rejected by him. That is why she reminisces to a time when everything was alright.

Smooth remembers when they first met and they were just friends. Smooth could be herself. She was reminiscing on way back when he would never ask questions. They would just buck wild and had love sessions. He was the only she knew who had a clue and accepted every part and never disrespected. He never raised his voice. Now he is constantly checking. When Smooth became his woman, his friend got neglected. He is not the same man she selected. He is now an entirely different person. Smooth no longer feels connected to him because she feels rejected by him.

He used to take Smooth out to eat and treat her extra sweet. Now he changes his plans week after week. He used to freak and do her all night doin’ damage on her bedroom floor while she was begging for more. Smooth needs a man who can understand all the things she is going through. The ups and downs involved in doing what she does. Love her at her worst and best. She needs a type of man who is never afraid that he’ll get played. Be there through thick and thin. To stand through every test. What Smooth needs is a simple shoulder to cry on for emotional support.

The things that made them special are all the things they lost. Smooth wonders what happened to the common ground they used to have. Now he is hangin’ out late at night with his boys chasin’ skirt and Smooth is hurt because of this. She can’t play these silly games anymore. It’s driving her insane. One day he will see what he had in Smooth.

Blowin’ Up My Pager is about Smooth’s man who is driving Smooth insane by constantly blowing up her pager. The subject matter alone screams 90s. The song uses a huge tangent of G-Funk and soul.

It’s gettin’ kinda major. He’s blowin’ up her pager. She gets beeped everyday. Smooth’s man calls her up like she knew he would. He pages her with his code when he is all by his lonesome. His essence got her running to the phone. So when he is takin’ care of business, one page will let her know. Two times will tell Smooth that he loves her. During the day, when Smooth is all alone, her man calls her up using the toll-free number 1-800-SKY-BEAN.

P.Y.T. (Playa Young Thugs) was MC Smooth’s answer to Michael Jackson’s PYT (Pretty Young Thing) but with an edge of gangsta rap and soul. MC Smooth explains and breaks down information about a black man that not too many understand. She explains that gangstas need love too. So Smooth gave a lotta (lot of) love to the young thugs out there. This was the MC Smooth and 2Pac duet.

It’s Saturday. Smooth has gotta hit the street. She gotta hit the spot looking fly. She wants to watch the OG thugs roll by.
Find a little venom and gettin’ ’em low cut. Who does Smooth see? Some fool that wants to get with her. She is not in the mood to deal with or socialize with this fool.

As for this man Smooth ignored and avoided, he was a hoodlum mack. In fact, a male version of a female mack. He has a plan not to work for Uncle Sam. He has money and everything that comes with it. He is a black man that not too many understand. A PYT (playa young thug). Just a tiny bit of what the ghettos made of. So Smooth has gotta give love to the young thugs.

Who’s afraid of this young thug? Look how they came up from the ghetto where they slung drugs. America eats its babies. It’s crazy. Will somebody save this man from this systematic slavery? It’s like the whole was against us. A straight up menace who gets his triples. And if he starts, he will finish to keep his image. He is sexable and flexible. He gets freaky under the covers. So he’s good to go by Smooth’s tastes in men. She only knows what she sees in the hood is thugs. So you know she’s gotta give ’em love.

Swing It To The Left Side is a lovers jams perfect for when you’re knockin’ the boots. That’s what they say. Follow the groove to this lovers jam.

It’s one of those nights when you’re feelin’ kinda right. So you step in the room and get in the mood. You ain’t got nothin’ to prove. Just know the right moves. Swing it to the left side. Tonight it’s going down. And Smooth is ready now.

There is something freaky that Smooth wants and that she needs. She is down for anything. She wants to be this man’s lady. What Smooth really wants is to satisfy his love. So Smooth tells him to move it to the right then swing it to the left side. Swing it to the left side. Move it to the right now. Smack it up and rub it down. No need to fantasize. You better recognize.

Good Stuff is a sweet song about sexual intercourse over a G-Funk soundscape. One could call this song a lovers jam given the appropriate song title. The song certainly gets freakish due to subject matter and concepts. There are multiple concepts in song based on an individual basis and group basis.

The song was written from a woman’s point of view about when a woman who just can’t seem to find that good man. You know how it is when you just can’t find that good man. You know what I’m talkin’ about, girls. The song was also written from a woman’s point of view about women who just can’t seem to find that good selection of good men.

In this case, the song is about Smooth being a woman that is looking for the good stuff which is the right man for her and sexual intercourse. She set on and determined to find the right man for her.

Turn down the lights and light a candle. Peep the scandal. He’s more than Smooth could handle. Livin’ in a jungle ruby-like taste with an innocent face. Both of them are waiting for the groove. Smooth had him begging and yelling, “Ooh” and “Oh”.

Smooth teaches women how to give their men the good stuff in terms of good sexual intercourse in the lyrics the chorus after Verse 1. You know what, girls, you can relax and let him do the work, okay? Smooth sure works her work my man. You better work yours by giving him the good stuff. Ladies, you gotta get that good stuff.

I’m a woman and I’m lookin’ for the good stuff (The good stuff)
The good stuff, the good stuff (You know what, girls, um, you know)
I’m a woman and I’m lookin’ for the good stuff (You can relax and let him do the work, okay?)
The good stuff, the good stuff (Yeah, like that, ohh)
I’m a woman and I’m lookin’ for the good stuff
The good stuff, the good stuff (I sho’ work my man, you better work yours)
I’m a woman and I’m looking for the good stuff (The good stuff)
The good stuff, the good stuff

Smooth needs a man she can do it with and have him begging, “Ooh, ooh, baby”. A man she can mean talk to and get real freakish with. She needs a man she can do it with. She needs a man she can creep with and sneak with.

Love Groove (Groove With You) is a subtle lovers groove and is another lovers jam on her album. The song is about Smooth loving her man unconditionally.

Smooth starts off the night at her Jeep nice and slow by pouring the champagne and lighting a candle. The lights have been dimmed down. Smooth tells her man she has got what he’s been looking for. His boys ain’t around. She is down for anything. She tells her man that she is second to none. The icing on the cake. So you know they will be making love all night. Nothin’ but the best for this princess. The backseat of her Jeep is the mattress. Tonight’s the night Smooth recommends that her man get in where he fits in. Smooth is feelin’ freakified. Because all she wants to do is love groove with him.

Smooth is lookin’ sexy in her thigh-high boots. Their lips could be locking. Instead she is on the phone because he wants to hear her jockin’. Is he feeling what Smooth is feeling inside? A soft and smooth satisfying ride. Smooth is just around the corner. So there is no need for him to fantasize His boys can’t touch this. He pours the champagne as she nibbles on his body as he squeezes the pillow. Pleasure is the principle.

Jeeps ‘N’ Benzos is another summertime classic that is a summer jam. This song is for those of you ridin’ around in your Jeep or your Benzos. Check out her melody as it makes you weak.

Smooth is headed for the park where are brothers are shooting hoops and girlies are all fly wearing body suits and Daisy Dukes. Some on the 40 and others on the endo. Smooth is checkin’ for the Jeeps and the Benzos. She’ll roll for a Jeep or a Benzo rollin’ through the hood.

Once they see the Benz and the ends, don’t let the panties drop. Around the way girl Fe-Macsy car hops. Summertime come and they checkin’ for drop tops. Sun roof-tops bumpin’ in the back. Cruisin’ on the scene with the gangster lean. Girls be yellin’ out, “Smooth,” because of the way she rolls. Call Smooth on her cellular phone. She’s star 69 you. That is how she will find you. Lookin’ in your rear view. She is rollin’ right behind you. 808s boomin’ strictly for the macs. Bump it in your Jeep because it’s like that.

Smooth kicks it ghetto style on Ghetto Style. She sings and talks about how no other love can compare to her man’s love when he is groovin’, and movin’ ghetto style.

Once again Smooth needs a taste of the ghetto. She remembers the way they used to play like it was yesterday. His lips give sweet memories of her and him in the backseat of her Jeep. It’s been a long time. Smooth has been waiting for him. She is in a good mood.

No other love can compare to her man’s love when he is groovin’, and movin’ ghetto style. It’s just the things he does when he is groovin’, and movin’ ghetto style. No one else can compare. Smooth will make it right for him. It’s all good now.

It’s been a while since they got buck wild. Doin’ it ghetto style. He makes her weak between the sheets. Movin’ it nice and slow. There is no telling what he’ll find because he know she’ll blow his mind. His love is right on track. His tongue got her sprung. Those bedroom eyes make her fantasize. It’s no surprise. A little care and affection. It’s time for one more freak session. She should have never let him go in the first place because no one else can compare.

Smooth has a secret affair with an undercover lover on the down low even though she already has a man in her song Undercover Lover. Smooth gets sensual and romantic on Undercover Lover.

Smooth asks the man she is down low with how far he really wants to take things to an unprecedented level. She tells him to understand that she already has a man she is in love with. So she will keep their relationship on the down low in secret. Smooth gives the man her pager number so he can keep in contact with her.

It’s time for their secret rendezvous. She really wants get freaky with him. As long as he stays around, they can play around. She will never do him wrong. Smooth tells this man, “Meet me and I’ll tell you what place at our favorite time.”. No one else needs to know.

Let It Go is the closer of the album that is the last track. The song picks up where Undercover Lover left off. This is undoubtedly another love song from MC Smooth nonetheless. Smooth gives he man a taste of her love that he can’t refuse.

Everyday he gets a taste of her love. Smooth has got him whipped. He will never trip as Smooth will give him good love. She will give him her sweetest flow deep from inside (deep inside). She tells her man he better let it go as she needs him to let it go. Can he go deep? That is the question Smooth wonders.

They’ve going the same old way for quite an extensive period now. Smooths wants to try something new with their love in their relationship as she has got so much to offer beyond his wildest dream(s). He is caught up in the twist of a wild thing. There’s no other way. He knows he has to let this go. Smooth tells her man, “We gotta try somethin’ new, baby. It starts with lettin’ go. Think you better let it go. You already whipped on love. ”

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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