Review: MD III ‎– Face The Nation

MD III ‎– Face The Nation uses a balanced mix of loud 303 beats and Tyree’s smooth vocals. The balance of beats and vocals are perfect. Tyree’s smooth vocals take up all of Side A of this vinyl single and half of the single overall. All the songs on this single have such class! MD III fans clearly love the beats used on this single of his.

MD III’s songs are quite similar to Lil Louis’ songs. That is no coincidence as both of them hail from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. The single is a representation of late 80s electronic music and Chicago house music. The single was released on 12” vinyl in 1988 on the Underground label.

Face The Nation uses a balance of loud 303 beats and Tyree’s smooth vocals. In all honesty, the beats are quite provocative for electronic music. Face The Nation is a perfect example of Chicago house music. This song uses and utilizes the acid house sound.

However not everyone is satisfied nor pleased with this song. Fans of instrumental music argue that Face The Nation would be better if Tyree’s vocals were left out. They clearly hate the singing and talking over house tracks. They believe house tracks are for instrumentals and to dance to. Fans of instrumental music believe electronic house music should be instrumental. They wish there was an instrumental version of this MD III single available.

The song Personal Problem is about a female who have personal problems with her character and persona. Or in this case female problems. This is all based on the way she acts and the way she does things. It’s very obvious to see she has a personal problem with her behavior. It’s very obvious to see based on the way she treats MD III. From the words she uses, she really hurts him. She puts shame to MD III’s name around town in Chicago.

MD III warns her if she keeps this behavior up that won’t have him. He tells her, “You’ve got a personal problem.” . He’ll get rid of her. It’s a shame.

The song Personal Problem uses a quick 808 beat rather than the 303 beats you hear on this single. A quick 808 beat is laid on top of electro synths. MD III – Personal Problem has been compared to Lil Louis – The Original Video Clash as both songs share similarities. Not surprising since both songs are part of the staple of electronic music.

Set Me Free is another song perfect for the dance floor. This is one of those songs that makes you feel wiggly. Electronic music can make you feel that way at times. Tyree’s smooth vocals grace this song. If you love someone, then set them free. And if they come back, they were never yours. It was never meant to be. You’ve got to set them free.

Tyree sings about how he had to set someone free in the song. Once upon a time, he tried to make a person his to love. That said person didn’t even want to give him their time. Now Tyree is on top and all that person does is stalk him.

Going Nowhere uses a handful of 303 beats with the kick drum being of them. This is another one of those songs that makes you feel wiggly. Electronic music can make you feel that way at times as I said earlier. Going Nowhere is an instrumental.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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